The Ultimate Guide to Heat Pump Repair: Fix The Blower Motor To Save Money and Stay Warm!

Don’t Let a Broken Heat Pump Blower Ruin Your Winter: Get it Fixed Now!

A heat pump blower motor is a component of the HVAC system that turns on the heat pump to help transfer conditioned air throughout your home. In addition to heat pumps, blower motors can also be found in other air heating systems e.g. mini splits, gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and air conditioners.

The main function of the blower motor is to operate the heat pump fan to ensure that air is properly circulated in the building. The blower motor is usually located within the air handler in the heat pump, especially in indoor units.

Since the blower motor for heat pump is the power behind the air circulation efficiency of your HVAC system, we recommend hiring HVAC experts to carry out frequent maintenance and repair services on your heat pump.

Signs of a Broken Blower Motor

Are you sure that your heat pump is functioning at full capacity? If the blower motor is damaged, then you need to bring in an HVAC expert that will determine whether to fix or replace the blower motor.

There are unique signs that indicate the heat pump blower motor not running well. They include:

Strange Noises

Have you heard weird noises e.g. humming, grinding, clanking, screeching, or squealing coming from the blower motor when you turn on the heat pump? The noises are proof of the heat pump blower motor not working properly.  For example, if you hear a banging sound, it indicates that the blower motor needs to be replaced immediately. Therefore, if your blower motor is producing unusual noises, ensure that you bring in an expert HVAC technician for a professional inspection.


Another major sign that the blower motor is faulty is overheating. Does your blower motor produce a strange burning smell? If you have noticed a burning smell from the air in the vents, then there could be a problem with the heat pump blower motor wiring. Make certain that you get in touch with a licensed HVAC expert immediately before any more damage occurs.

Weak Air Flow

Is there a limited flow of air in the air vents when the heat pump is on? If the airflow is weak, it could indicate that the blower motor is faulty or broken. A HVAC contractor will let you know whether to replace the blower motor.

Ineffective Heating or Cooling

If you notice that the heat pump does not effectively heat or cool the air anymore, then the blower motor may not be working properly. A simple repair from an expert will have the heat pump running well again in no time.

The Blower Motor Turns On and Off Too Many Times

A blower motor that has a short cycle or turns itself on and off too frequently may be broken and in need of repair.

The Blower Motor Shuts Down

Has the blower motor ever stopped while the heat pump was running? If it has, this could be an indication that the blower motor is overheating, thereby causing it to shut down in order to prevent electrical damage from occurring.


What Is The Cost Of Repairing A Blower Motor?

The heat pump blower motor replacement cost may vary depending on the size and quality of the blower motor, as well as the service fee charged by the HVAC technician. Once you call a HVAC expert to inspect your heat pump’s blower motor, you will know whether to replace or repair your heat pump.

The average cost of a heat pump blower motor replacement is $450, with complex blower motor units costing as high as $2000. On the other hand, the average cost of repairing a blower motor ranges between $150 and $1500.

Cost of Labor

The labor costs for repairing different types of blower motors include:

  • $280 to $600/hour- Standard blower motor, which takes between 2 to 3 hours
  • $250 to $450/hour- Variable speed blower motor, which takes between 2 to 3 hours
  • $450 to $950/hour- ECM blower motor, which takes between 2 to 3 hours

Cost of Blower Motor Parts

Repairing a blower motor may require you to purchase some additional blower motor parts. So, how much is a blower motor for a heat pump? The average heat pump blower motor cost of buying blower motor parts are as follows:

  • $80 to $170- Standard blower motor
  • $120 to $200- Variable speed blower motor
  • $275 to $650- ECM blower motor

How to Avoid Scammers and Find the Right Repair Company

Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there that will seek to extort you as you try to replace or repair your blower motor, especially if you are not cautious. For example, if your heat pump blower motor capacitor is faulty, an HVAC scammer may convince you to replace the entire blower motor instead of just repairing the capacitor. Replacing the entire blower motor will cost you more money, most of which the scammer will pocket. 

Therefore, in order to avoid getting scammed, ensure that you do thorough research about the problem before calling in an expert. If the heat pump blower motor relay is broken, for instance, don’t just rely on one HVAC contractor because they may overcharge you. Get multiple quotes from various contractors and select the price that favors your budget.

Additionally, once an HVAC technician carries out heat pump blower motor troubleshooting and gives you the report, ensure that you seek a second opinion from another professional before making any major changes to your heat pump.


The Process of Replacing a Blower Motor

When you call an HVAC expert to replace your blower motor, they will do so in the following steps:

Step 1

The technician will remove the exterior central panel on the outside part of the unit carefully without destroying the wires.

Step 2

The HVAC expert will unscrew the bolt that connects the blower to the unit and disconnect it from the wire harness to separate the motor from the rest of the unit.

Step 3

The expert will unscrew 4 bolts at the top of the housing to remove the top bracket and then remove the bolts at the bottom to free the motor from the housing.

Step 4

The technician then separates the motor from the bracket to remove the motor completely.

Step 5

The HVAC expert repeats the above process in reverse to install the new blower motor. They will reinstall the bracket by attaching it to the bolt on the front right in order to mount the blower to the unit’s wall.

Step 6

The technician confirms that the motor is sitting correctly and firmly without rubbing against the housing and risking damage to both the motor and housing.

Step 7

The HVAC expert tightens the last bolt to lock the motor in place, thereby reinstalling the blower into the unit and all the wires are reconnected before bolting the housing into place firmly.

Step 8

Finally, the technician reattaches the panel’s exterior to complete the replacement process.

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