Enhance your Marketing Campaigns by Hiring a Real Estate Content Writer

Content writing services are now widespread in real estate marketing. At least 70 percent of the marketers are doing it. To get real estate content writers who can help you make a difference, you have to think outside the box—sometimes thoroughly inside the box.

It is a common belief that exhausting the existing real estate marketing ideas is better than looking for new and exciting ones out there. Sometimes all you need is to find a forgotten perspective for your blog content.

Your competitors are also interested in real estate content writing services. The difference between you and them is the intention. Do you want to compete for business or place yourself as an industry leader? Do you want to be a thought leader or follower? If you’re done being a follower, then you need the team at Premium Article Writers.

Why you’ll need to hire a real content writer

Statistics show that the real estate industry has thousands of businesses. Most of them are local. Lucky for them, over 90% of the market goes to local firms. This dynamic makes it hard for firms to grow beyond their region.

Referrals between family, friends, and relatives take up a considerable market share. Fortunately, for you, you have an opportunity to impress every client you win to get those coveted referrals.

In the recent past, real estate content writers have focused on local search engine optimization. They have purposed to win SERPs battles locally. Real estate website owners are happy with the current model; little do they know that it can hamper their growth.

The result of local search optimization is intense competition for the available slots on the first page of search engines. The real estate content writers are happy because they tend to deal with virtually the same things repeatedly.

Despite all this, we cannot discount the purpose of local SEO writing services. We have tremendous respect for optimization for local search. Nevertheless, we are also concerned that you might fall into the trap of thin content associated with local search optimization.

We noticed that clients tended to request the same types of orders. Sometimes you are writing content for competitors, and all of them insist on retaining the same content style, type, topic, and even the approach.

While it is all for the competition, some elite companies are moving away from that type of content. They have learned that real estate content writing services can achieve far better results.

The industry leaders don’t want to order content for ranking purposes only. They are doing something that we now call content branding. We may not be the pioneers of the word content branding—not branded content—but let me tell you our understanding of the term.

Real estate content branding

Can people associate a particular aspect of the industry to your company? If yes, you are doing content branding. In the content marketing industry, SEJ is an industry brand. People associate certain aspects of content with their work.

In the real estate content development, very few players can claim to have started a branding strategy that revolves around the type, the style, and approach to content.

This stage is where real estate content writing comes in to help. Our experience in content writing services has taught us many things. Top on that list is that content branding is perhaps the single most crucial marketing strategy that successful companies are doing.

The trick to any form of branding is to establish the brand, position it in the industry, maintain its authenticity and integrity, and find opportunities for its growth. Some companies accidentally succeed in this respect. Others are taking deliberate action to do it.

Deliberate efforts include vetting your content developers. You don’t want to work with just any real estate content writer or developer. Work with experienced heads, professionally agencies, and premium-level writers.

Apart from your local search engine optimization and ranking, what else can you achieve with content?

  • Do you want to be the industry leader?
  • How about becoming an industry benchmark?
  • Do you want to be the industry reference?

To achieve any of these coveted positions, you need premium writing services. You need to stop doing small battles that relate to winning customers.

If you want any other ordinary services, you can go ahead with the writing services of a content mill. You will have all the real estate content that you need to rank well, win business, and sustain a sensible work environment.

All you need to achieve that is an ordinary real estate content writer. He will mill the content for you in record time. The content will not have much readership value, though.

Your competitors might have a different path to winning customers. They will start earning real market share thanks to a long-term strategy that brands them as the benchmark in your region. They maintain a coherent, consistent, and authoritative branded content. The rewards for that level of real estate copywriting and marketing will be significant.

You will be a small player in the region, making do with the available business, while your competitors will be winning regional business and respect.

If someone needs to call in an industry reference or benchmark, he will call him or her and not you. After all, nothing about you stands out.

Alternatively, you can hire a professional-level real estate content writer who will look at your company goals, mission, and vision to create a content development path.

In business writing services, we call it a content strategy. This content is written with a purpose other than just optimization. You write for a far greater purpose.

What will a typical real estate firm want?

  • Qualified leads
  • Successful transactions out of every lead
  • To be successful

What will a typical industry leader wish for?

  • To be the reference point on particular topics.
  • Win a market share in a particular region.
  • Grow systematically as a brand and company.
  • Have a sustainable growth trajectory.
  • Associate with other market leaders.

Where are you now?

Sometimes, all you desire is to win. Sometimes we also want to win. However, that should be an intermediate goal. Always keep the short-term and long-term goals concurrent. Pursue them both together.

For example, most real estate companies, residential and commercial, prefer short-form content. While this type of written content is effective at pulling traffic to a site, the best it can do is to win customers.

Stats show that long-form content, such as white papers, long-form blogs, eBooks, and newsletters are the most effective at bringing qualified leads. They also say something about your company, brand, positioning, and such things.

At one point, you ought to be hiring a real estate writer for both types of content at any given time. Stats also show that you can use only long-form blogs online. Your success will not be significantly affected if you abandon the short-form articles.

This is what happens when you pick a top real estate content writer.

You order a 2500-word blog of the common mistakes first time buyers make. Your competitor requests a 700-900 word article on the same subject.

Your real estate content writer will be at liberty to infuse more dynamism in the article. She will flow naturally without having to cut out any important details. The chances are that you will share some of your experiences with the writer to keep the article’s voice consistent with other content.

The writer will also provide a wider angle to the topics and handle more subtopics on overall generating more interest. If she is an expert SEO copywriter, he will infuse the copy with ‘also search’ terms or ‘related search terms.’ The text will ping from all the right corners.

Search engines love this type of content.

On the other hand, the competitor’s real estate content writer will have one heck of a job.

He’ll need to condense everything to fit into the word count. For every mistake first-time buyer’s make, he’ll have at most 50 words to say his peace. Incorporating the keywords naturally into the copy could be an uphill battle.

The copy will have a low keyword impact and little breadth and depth. When search engines look for depth, the blog will have to settle for the second best.

Assume I search for the query and I open the two documents. If I decide to read the 2500 word piece first, I’ll not read the second one because I’ll conclude from face value that the copy lists down the same things I have been reading.

Who will get my approval as the industry expert or leader? Your guess is as good as mine is. Let your real estate copywriting shine through in the eyes of your audience.

About 18-33% of organic search traffic goes to number one on Google. The second best takes about 11-17%, which is 7-16% less. You start giving your competitor a margin. Companies that are equal today can be at least 7% apart after every content marketing cycle.

Though everyone is offering “Unique Content”, not all content is made equal.

What your real estate content writer want your content to achieve

Are you interested in just driving traffic to your website? Is this content a way of completing your SEO strategy? Is it meant to educate your prospects?

Setting a goal for your real estate content is very important. You don’t want to fill up your webpages and blogs for the sake of it. 

Whom do you want to attract to your content? Answering this question will bring in advanced real estate marketing ideas.

Remember, real estate business success is down to quality networks. You want to associate with people who offer value to you beyond just sharing ideas.

You want people to feel confident that you will not disappoint when they endorse you for a business or opportunity.

Your goal is to give everyone who interacts with your real estate content the impression that you are the real deal in that field.

How do top real estate copywriters do that?

They help you continuously offer top of the shelf real estate content. Once you have chosen a particular subject, they make sure that your audience will have zero reasons to go anywhere else looking for related information.

It does not matter what the word count will be. They tell everything there is to tell regarding the subject. If it takes 10,000 words, they go for it. They enlighten your customer to a point where they look for advice from you.

If your prospects need to know something else, they will now search for your website. People will want to know what your advice will be. You need an excellent real estate content writer to achieve this level of approval.

Let the audience feel at home with your content. Make sure that your website is not for browsers; it is for people scouring to grab everything that can improve their business, service, or solution.

If the customers feel that way, what do you think your competitors are feeling? Smart ones will try to replicate your success. In the process, you will be the leader; they will always follow.

You also want to attract other industry players to find your content useful. If you’ve been around for a while, then you know how hard it is to make any real estate deal alone. You’ll need partners. To sell a home, you may need an attorney, a valuer, and maybe agent services.

When writing your real estate content, bring players together so that you have an advantage throughout the industry.

This feature is what is lacking in most real estate content writing services. The majority of the firms want to buy content for the sake of it. They don’t want to offer value beyond the customer’s reach.

No wonder only 0.3% of the websites in the world have more than 1000 visitors. Over a billion websites do not have a single visitor in a year. I am sure you don’t want this to happen to your real estate content marketing efforts.

Real estate content marketing ideas

The most valuable content idea is value. Can you find value for your target audience? If you cannot, it does not matter how long your content will be like; it will not help anyone.

The content will not attract people. It will be bland. People might find it in the search engine results page, but they will soon discover that there is nothing there.

They will leave disappointed. Your real estate content writer must understand the value that you are trying to give your client. They may not necessarily be an industry expert, but they must show breadth and depth in every copy.

Expert real estate content writers rely on research to understand the problem. They also rely on the same to understand the pathways to solutions. Working with an expert is not the same as working with a content mill.

You don’t want a real estate blog writer who regurgitates over old content supposedly to produce unique content. Real estate copywriting is 100% about the client, and every top copywriter should know that.

What pain points do they have? What are they looking for in the market? Do they want to rent or buy? Are they interested in family or pet-friendly homes? Do they have all the information regarding their buying or selling of the house?

All these are blanket questions. When it comes to proper real estate content marketing, specialization is perhaps the most fundamental aspect of marketing.

What can people associate with your business? Are you specializing in apartment rentals? Do you specialize in family homes?

Once you have a specialist area, you can focus on handling every aspect of the niche. You can pick a real estate writer who specializes in that area of interest.

Over time, you will be the go-to agency when it comes to that niche market and your real estate content marketing efforts will start to bear fruits.

The other content ideas include

  • Creative real estate listing description
  • Real estate bios
  • Real estate blogs content
  • Commercial real estate website content
  • Real estate thought leadership blogs
  • Branded real estate content
  • Real estate buyer and seller guides
  • Real estate ads
  • Landing pages for real estate websites
  • Infographics
  • Tips and list-type content
  • Social media posts
  • Real estate newsletters
  • MLS real estate articles
  • Real estate entrepreneurship journey articles
  • Video scripts
  • Image descriptions
  • Meta tags, HTML, and taglines for real estate websites
  • Real estate SEO content

A seasoned real estate content writer helps you avoid the content writing wall

Most businesses in real estate have minimal success in the industry. It is common for most of them to plateau at a particular stage in their development. Revenues and profits stagnate or start to dwindle, employee turnover increases, and the overall business outlook is grim.

It happens a lot when your marketing falls in the unenviable crowd. You are marketing for the sake of marketing.

The first strategy of marketing is goal setting. Write it down in stone to make sure that everyone in your team internalizes it. It should stand taller than the Everest. Every member of your company must know your objectives intimately.

We want to be the best digital agency by 2022. Is that a realistic goal? Most companies have such objectives. When you have such goals, you will be falling into the general category.

The best goals in a company must have metrics. We want to grow our revenues from the current X to Y in the next five years. To achieve that, we must build our revenue streams by X% every year. How do we do that?

In such a situation, you will not be blind in your conquest. You will be forced to answer the hard questions, think outside the box, and challenge your team towards your goals.

So, what do you do?

If your chosen strategy is to harness content marketing, you will have your work cut out. You will map content for today, tomorrow, and the future. You will not write a few blogs then you run out of ideas.

Many real estate firms tend to do that a lot. After writing 10 or so blogs, they will start scouring the internet for ideas. It is not entirely a bad thing to do that, but it shows that you are not thinking strategically. Your business is engaged in a reactive process.

For example, why are you doing content writing and marketing? Is it because others are saying it is a successful venture? Could it be because you want to offer your clients value? Or is it that you want to grow your brand as an authority or thought leader?

Agents, brokers, listing firms, and all those involved in real estate do content for various reasons. Unfortunately, only those who are doing it for the right reasons are getting results.

A typical agency will look at content writing as a broad strategy. They will want to ensure that their creative listings have all the essential information. Moreover, they will have a standard way of presenting their listing descriptions.

They will have specific criteria for their photographs or even insist on certain standards of real estate copywriting.

They will not stop there. The companies will set up a content formula that works for their client base based on research. Once they are done with a specific type of content, they will not hit the wall. They will have another area to cover. Over the years, they will always bring refreshing, insightful, compelling, and delicious copies.

At Premium Article Writers, we provide content to different types of clients—the organized and the not-so-organized ones. The organized ones have a clear path of what they want today, tomorrow, and in the future.

Though they may order one piece at a time, you will see what they are trying to achieve.

I advise all the clients to have a content writing strategy before placing any order. To get new and refreshing content every week for a real estate blog, you need a real estate content writer who can complete about 54 pieces in a year.

How to go about it

Can you trust a freelance real estate content writer to achieve that? Maybe not. The best bet would be to find a full-fledged writing agency.

Can you trust yourself to come up with 54 random titles in a single year? Your best hope will be to segment your content requirements such that every topic or subtopic to take up five blogs. Choose between short-form and long-form blogs.

You should also choose between ads, infomercials, or educative content. Beyond the copy, a keyword strategy is imperative. Which keywords do you want to win in the future? What do you need to win?

Beyond the keyword, work on your company’s authority and stature in the industry. You want to know how to improve your domain authority. What do you need to do to achieve that? Do I need to enlist real estate writing services or I need a one-time real estate blog content writer?

If I look at your website, I should see a specific direction that your content leans towards. When writing content for you, I’ll not have any challenges matching the voice, style, structure, and intent.

If I cannot find any coherent voice, I will have to ask you more questions. For a one-time project, it will be challenging to get it right the first time. What if you are organized from start to finish? I can even anticipate what we are doing next. I will also come up with great ideas for the next piece.

More importantly, I will introduce concepts that I hope to expand in future copies. I will not be caged towards one subject. I will also be able to ensure that you have a cohesive online brand.

Real estate content pairing

Research shows that the best content marketing strategy uses a variety of tested channels, tools, and resources. In real estate copywriting, pairing content is by far the most effective.

Commonly paired content types are:

  • Articles and infographics
  • Articles and videos
  • Videos and presentation slides
  • Long-form articles and summary forms

The first two are quite effective and attracting visitors. People love visuals. If you add visuals with information, you can achieve up to 80% of the intended learning outcomes. The only other thing the person would want is to feel the product.

At Premium Article Writers, we offer the article/infographic combo to our clients at their request. We also provide slide summaries, transcription for real estate videos, and video scripts.

Writing for SEO real estate websites

It is one thing to have a website, and it is another one to have a valuable website. A good number of real estate companies have liabilities for websites. They pay hosting, site maintenance, and such services, and that is it.

The website does not offer much value to the company safe for the assurance that they at least have a website. Sites stopped being that over two decades ago. Having a website is not an option; it is a requirement to compete favorably.

Haven’t you heard that 90% of the buying decisions start online?

Let me jog you on this one. Do people search for the name of companies? Yes, they do. Out of the trillions of searches, only a handful was directed to specific companies. At least 20% of Google’s search volume comes from new searches.

The majority of the searches are about four words long. People search for the products, services, information, answers, queries, and such things. For example, “an apartment for sale in Ashburn” is a typical search query. 

Your website should be your signboard where all the products you are offering reside. It should be bringing you money, not taking.

The difference between a static “company website” and SEO website is simple, content. It’s impossible to optimize an empty site. You have to optimize text, videos, audios, infographics, memes, GIFS, images, and such things.

You have to optimize them for search engine discoverability. In that case, your website needs SEO writing services and other content solutions. The video producer will need a script, the image curator will need a written guide, and the site itself will need written content. 

In short, SEO writing services form the bond that binds your overall content strategy. To optimize an image for search, you need a description part. To ensure that your video is indexed correctly, you should provide transcription or original content behind the video.

Further, blogging gives your website a voice. Stats show that blogging firms receive 97% more links to their website and over 400% more indexed pages. This is good for any SEO. Since you are interested in SEO, you may want to give real estate copywriting much more attention.

Whatever content you desire, you will need the services of a real estate content writer to give it the desired form.

The guide to doing perfect, brand-worthy, and thought leadership real estate content

I have said in previous posts that SEO writing services is not a game of short-term thrills. Though many want to look it that way, it is not. Goal setting, planning, and executing are fundamental.

I will not reiterate the importance of these steps. However, I will go straight into the process of writing that content that you admire.

Sieve through for topics and angles

Before the real estate content writer should embark on this journey, he or she must understand that content should be the same as the value proposition in entrepreneurship or literature gaps in an academic literature review.

Mostly, the writer will have to look at his or her work against what is already available. It would not be wise to regurgitate over and exhaustively-handled angle. 

Instead, find a different angle. Commentators in the content marketing industry insist that you need unique content to make tails wag, turn heads, or cause action.

The word unique means that something has not been seen before. Attempts to make the word mean non-plagiarized work should be condemned.

Good real estate writers start from the known towards more nuanced discovery topics. The real estate copywriter should read available content. 

If you are keen enough, you will discover some missing information, disconnected facts, marshy thinking, unconvincing correlations, and causalities, short expositions, and such things.

Read industry commentary for insights into what people are looking for but cannot find. Ask where possible through polls, surveys, and such things.

You will notice that you will have more materials than you ever imagined. Once you have gathered enough materials, choose what is possible and what is not.

Can you deal with correlations?

You need to conduct a correlation analysis of phenomena to approach such an issue adequately. You can do the research independently, outsource, or collaborate with others.

Proverbially, eat what you can chew. Doing original content is difficult. However, you should only attempt what you believe you can handle correctly. If you chose original research, ensure you have the resources for it.

Financial, human, and time resources are essential.

Ensure that your content is available within your preferred timelines. Do not rush your copy at all costs. If the work is not ready, it simply is not.

Original content cuts deep when it comes out. Ensure that the integrity of the process is beyond reproach. Real estate content writers and website owners will want to use the original work as a reference point. They will want to engage with it, comment on it, and even use it to guide future industry actions.

You will not achieve such a revered status by simply rehashing online content. You certainly will not get a premium level writer willing to engage in such practices unless they have a basic writing level.

Work your content calendar

Did I tell you that only two companies in every five have a content strategy? Well, I thought you should know. You probably have a documented one. I assume you do. If you don’t, there is a chance that you are currently in the unenviable herd for real estate copywriting.

Your real estate content lacks purpose and drive. The good news is that you can change all that by developing a real estate marketing strategy for your content. At Premium Article Writers, we can help you with that. We have the research and development tools required to make a robust content marketing strategy.

In the strategy, you ought to have all the real estate marketing tools that will help you take advantage of all available content ideas. You also need to understand the overall process of generating ideas, making consistent plans, and allocating scarce company resources to reap maximum benefits.

A content marketing strategy includes the content choices, the development process, the promotional channels, and such things. In that strategy, you need to set up your calendar.

As said earlier, you need to run all your campaigns concurrently.

You need to set up a coherent calendar of when to start producing, post, and promote. This should be there for short-term and long-term content marketing efforts. Share the schedule with your real estate content writer.

Your scheduling must be spot on; otherwise, you will always be late at best. I once set out with a wish to post every week only to end up with just 15 blogs in the year on my blog. All I did was push it forward. I’ll write two next week or three the week after and so on.

If you are like me, you may need a scheduling tool or a managed real estate content writing service. At least this will help you get content at the time you want.

Having many clients has forced us to invest in a top of the range scheduling tool for clients’ content. All you have to do is share with us your content calendar. You will receive curated real estate content on your desk first thing in the morning.

Design your content framework

In most cases, it is good to gather preliminary data to help you choose the workable framework. Content design is fatally essential. It informs you of the necessary writing tools and skills. It also gives the copy a logical flow and coherence.

You don’t want to write a piece of content that is not systematic. Preliminary research is paramount. It is dependent on the type of content that you want to write.

Assume you want to write a commentary work outsourced from various professionals in the real estate industry. Suppose you also want to ensure that each of them gives you a unique viewpoint for a specific area.

In such a case, you will not just need to decide which professionals to interview. You also need to understand each area so that you can design the subthemes that each one of them will talk about.

Mostly, you want to offer breadth and depth in your approach. You will need to design your questions. The intended framework choice will inform the questions. This approach will enlarge your scope, your content value, and impact.

When it comes to writing this content, you will start by telling us about the intention, then processes, methodology, findings, and recommendations.

If your real estate content writer captures these details succinctly, the rewards will be sweet for you and your company.

Design your content standards

Commercial and residential real estate players must compete for the available businesses. Your content marketing for your real estate website must reflect your core standards. You cannot speak of standards in the industry when your content lacks basic standards.

Setting up a few standards that your real estate content writer can follow will make your work easier. Remember, these rules should apply to you, too. They should not just work for your content writers. Before you post anything, even if it is an industry commentary on your blog, you should subject it to rigorous editorial approval.


You want to send a consistent message to your audience. Who wants a piece of content that says this today and another one that tells a different thing tomorrow? You also want to reflect well as an industry expert.

Measurable and straightforward standards for content look like this.

  • A minimum word count of 1500 words
  • A bulleted summary at the beginning of content
  • Double checked facts and any quoted data
  • Hyperlinks to authority sites that have a minimum of domain authority of more than 50
  • Full editorial product
  • SEO writing service compliant
  • Professional keyword placement and strategy

When you have such a checklist for your real estate writer, it will be easy for everyone involved in content writing. It will also create a standard way of doing things. Even in your absence, it will be easy for you to delegate or even outsource the whole SEO writing service.

Bring the right team for your content

Content—excellent content, development is challenging. I prefer giving an example with the Box Office. In the top 100 movies released every year, only about 10% every year reach the $10 million. Movies are expensive to make.

In some situations, moviemakers spend $100 million in production alone only to get $75 million in sales. The eventual losses to the moviemaker will run into tens of millions.

The moviemakers must get it right from good stories, scriptwriting, casting, directing, production, pre-production, postproduction, editing, promotion, and such things. One missed step can undo the entire process.

Real estate content writing is the same. Every step is important. If you did not look for the pain points, you would have to write about tired topics. If you don’t find your angle, it will be hard to bring something worthwhile to the industry.

Your real estate writer should have everything before writing. Hiring a writing team is better than trusting the process to one individual. The individual will have one angle to the topic. A team will leverage the synergy of different approaches and methods to come up with a perfect product.

As you have already noted, real estate content writing is broad. Even in particular niches, you still have to cover a lot for you to provide a holistic content experience.

Focused research and writing is, therefore, a reserve of the experienced teams. At Premium Article Writers, we tell clients to consider their content strategy carefully before they even request content.

Sometimes, you don’t need to cover much. You only need to focus on what your particular clients are looking for online. If they want to know about the process, focus on making your guides perfect. Make them easy to follow, logical, and precise. Do not give the customer a reason to try another guideline.

If your customers are interested in potential pitfalls, guide them away from them. Do not just tell them the pitfalls; guide them on how to avoid them.

If you are good at writing content that they want, they will trust you to know whatever they want. If they’re going to buy a home, they will call you if that is part of your portfolio.

Not every time our clients come without a strategy. Sometimes they want to order certain content and want it written to their specifications without any additional standards.

It shows that the company clearly understands what they are looking for in content. Such a client will give the real estate content writer a joy to work with them. 

Such clients are few. The majority will order content, give you a bunch of keywords, and tell the writing team to work out something. At Premium Article Writers, such real estate firms and agencies are lucky. We guide them to develop a working content map that they can follow to achieve success. Our copywriting services are more than just content writing; we aim to transform your website through content!

Differentiate your approach

Commercial real estate content writing is not the same as residential real estate content writing. Although the editorial standards may be the same, the breadth, method, and target are different. From the buyer persona and content map perspective, they will require a different writing strategy.

You will also find some content writing companies offering differing real estate copywriting rates for the two. We do not see the need to keep them apart. However, we prefer to commit our best real estate writers at all times.

Since we also work as a team, it is hard to miss out any aspect of the buyer persona, since not is the most important when appealing to any audience. As long as we can get the buyer avatar right, we are sure to do the right thing.

How is your real estate profile?

Did you know that your profile determines how people look at your company? It does 100%. If your bio is half-hearted or lame, don’t expect anyone who is trying to get more than a temporary tenancy to contact you.

Enhance your marketing campaigns by hiring a real estate content writer

To be that elite broker, agent, firm, or otherwise, you have to look the part. Since you don’t have a chance to meet the person yet, you need to focus on professional real estate bio writers.

In your bio, you want to leverage your industry experience, accolades, successful deals, and the size of the transactions where possible. A person looking for a $1 million mansion will look for a broker who has cracked this market before, or thereabouts. Such a client will want a person who is a specialist in such a market.

Your bio must reflect positively on the crowd that you want to attract. Not everyone will be looking for a family home in the $200-500, 000 region.

Some people want someone who can get the value for much less. Your bio should capture that buyer persona if that is the ideal market.

Your voice has to be uniform all through your content. This will make sure that you only receive the visitors you want to your site. Eventually, you will not have many site visitors and little conversions.

Some companies spend a fortune on excellent content. They hire the best real estate content writer, and pay the highest copywriting rates, but fail in landing the right market.

Though they are creating exceptional real estate content, they are not offering value to the target market. Unlike the quality of content, content value is measured by the appropriateness to the buyer persona.

For example, this article is written specifically for someone who is looking for a real estate content writer. It will not offer much value to someone who is looking for a newsletter writer, Amazon product description writer, or HVAC writer.

Value is custom. It is the closest a person will get to connect with you as a service provider for what he or she wants. Though the person wants a writer, he wants a specialized writer in a specific area.

The same case applies to you. The customer wants to buy a home. What type of home is he or she looking for? What is the budget range? Should the house be ready to move in? Is a pet-friendly environment a necessity?

Capturing the value for your market means you will have a chance for referrals and such things. Have you ever heard that birds of a feather flock together? It is true.

A client who is interested in a particular real estate product has friends who may want something similar. If you manage to land one client, the chances are that he or she will refer you to friends in the same buyer or seller description.

Perfecting real estate ads writing to gain attention

Real estate ads are now ubiquitous. Many people are competing for the same real estate ad space. In that case, you have to compete with other real estate agents who are offering the same services or products you have.

The trick to writing perfect real estate ads that sell is simple; ensure that you have all the information before you begin. Ads must have a specific target. If you get it wrong in your buyer or seller description, you will not have a chance.

When it comes to transferring emotions, the safety net, feel-good factor, and appeal, you will know the exact words to use if you understand the customer.

The buyer persona is just the foundation. You need to follow a trusted real estate ad formula.

  • Headline
  • Narrative
  • Call to action

It is that simple. However, there is a whole world of writing perfect real estate ad headlines. It goes back to the buyer persona. What do you know about the customer? What is that feature that is more important?

Is it the number of bedrooms? Bathrooms? The square footage? Garden? Pool? Kitchen? Pet? Patio? You need a headline that beckons the buyer when he is 100 yards away, literally.

Writing a good narrative will determine whether you are just average or the rock star that everyone wants to do business with. Here, you need the trusted hands of a real estate ad writer.

At least they know how to breathe life into product features. They know how to make everything stand out. They tell you the function and the core benefit. Professionals know how to strike a balance between hype and authenticity. Careless use of adjectives can ruin your real estate ad copy.

Lastly, you need a clear guideline on what you want your audience to do. Do you want people to enjoy your ad on their way to the next one? Absolutely not! You want them to act. Make it easy.

A real estate content writer will help you create real estate listing description that sells

A real estate property listing is more of an art than a science. However, today’s real estate listing requires an extensive understanding of the customer, which is increasingly becoming a science.

Properties stay in the market for over a month, if not months. The most successful real estate players take listing descriptions of real estate very seriously. They leverage every real estate marketing ideas, tools, and strategies out there.

Some are even experimenting with several tools and strategies to arrive at the most effective product listing descriptions and ads. They are defining the same products or services differently to a different target audience to good effect.

If a property has an extra room, it can entice anyone who would want a home office. It can also excite a person with a larger family and can do with extra space or even a separate diner. Your real estate listing description will determine whom you can net.

Be careful with those words that can make your creative real estate listing description violate housing laws. Again, this is where you choose a professional real estate content writer to give your listing descriptions and ads that professional appeal.

Lastly, match visuals with the words. Though I can see a perfectly laid out kitchen, it does not answer my questions on which brand names are the appliances. As usual, functionality beats everything else.

If you get the real estate writer who can paint the picture when there is none, invoke emotion and feelings with descriptive language, and bring the prospect right into the house without getting him or her off her couch, then you have a winner description.

We are always available to talk about real estate writing services. Reach out to us here.

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