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99 Plus Plumbing Blog Ideas for Your Content Marketing

Do you really have to find fresh plumbing blog ideas regularly? Starting a blog is among the most important content marketing decisions for your company. It allows you to discuss your area of specialization exhaustively. Additionally, posting relevant content consistently increases traffic to your blog and website. When done right, it also gives Google and other search engines a reason to index your website. The team at Premium Article Writers compiled a comprehensive list of plumbing blog ideas that could help you get started on the right foot.

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Top Plumbing Blog Topics to Captivate Your Audience in 2023 and 2024

Here are a few blog ideas for plumbers and plumbing companies that’ll help you create engaging and informative content throughout the year:

Seasonal Plumbing Maintenance Checklist

Idea: Create a detailed checklist for each season that outlines plumbing maintenance tasks homeowners should undertake. Include tips for preventing common issues during different weather conditions.

Outcome: This type of post can attract consistent traffic as homeowners search for seasonal maintenance advice. It positions your plumbing company as a helpful resource, potentially leading to increased brand trust and inquiries for maintenance services.

Top Water-Saving Plumbing Fixtures

Idea: Write about modern, water-efficient plumbing fixtures and appliances. Discuss the benefits of upgrading, how to choose the right ones, and provide installation tips.

Outcome: This plumbing blog topic can attract environmentally-conscious homeowners seeking to reduce water consumption. It can position your company as a leader in eco-friendly plumbing solutions, potentially leading to installation inquiries.

DIY Plumbing Mistakes to Avoid

Idea: Share a list of common DIY plumbing mistakes homeowners should steer clear of. Explain the potential consequences of these mistakes and when it’s best to call in professionals.

Outcome: This type of post can gain traction among homeowners attempting minor repairs. By offering expert advice, your company can establish credibility and potentially convert readers into clients when they realize the complexity of certain plumbing tasks.

Understanding Different Pipe Materials

Idea: Provide an in-depth guide to different pipe materials used in plumbing, discussing their pros, cons, and best applications. Include information about maintenance and potential problems.

Outcome: Homeowners researching pipe materials and plumbing systems are likely to come across this post. By showcasing your expertise, you can attract readers looking for reliable plumbing solutions and consultations.

Dealing with Common Drain Clogs

Idea: Create a comprehensive guide on how to prevent and address common drain clogs, including tips on avoiding clogs and steps for DIY unclogging methods.

Outcome: Homeowners often search for solutions to drain clogs. This post can position your company as a knowledgeable problem-solver, leading to inquiries for more complex clog-related issues.

Renovation Plumbing Planning Guide

Idea: Offer advice on planning plumbing for home renovations, including considerations for bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas. Discuss the importance of proper planning to avoid costly mistakes.

Outcome: Homeowners undergoing renovations will find this post valuable. By demonstrating your expertise in plumbing project planning, you can attract clients seeking assistance in remodeling projects.

Spotlight on Innovative Plumbing Technologies

Idea: Highlight emerging plumbing technologies such as smart fixtures, leak detection systems, and water filtration solutions. Explain the benefits and potential cost savings over time.

Outcome: Forward-thinking homeowners interested in upgrading their plumbing systems will find this plumbing blog topic appealing. It can position your company as a provider of cutting-edge plumbing solutions, potentially resulting in sales and installations.

fresh plumbing blog topics for 2023 and 2024

Preventing Frozen Pipes in Winter

Idea: Offer tips and techniques to prevent pipes from freezing during the cold winter months. Discuss insulation, heating solutions, and steps to take if pipes do freeze.

Outcome: This post can attract homeowners worried about winter plumbing issues. By providing actionable advice, you can establish trust and potentially gain clients seeking preventive measures.

Septic System Maintenance Guide

Idea: Provide a comprehensive guide to septic system maintenance, including regular pumping, dos and don’ts, and signs of potential problems.

Outcome: Homeowners with septic systems will appreciate this valuable information. This post can position your company as a septic system expert, leading to inquiries for maintenance and repairs.

Common Bathroom Plumbing Upgrades

Idea: Highlight various bathroom plumbing upgrades such as installing low-flow toilets, improving showerheads, and adding bidets. Explain the benefits and how these upgrades can save money and water.

Outcome: Homeowners looking to improve their bathroom fixtures will find this post helpful. It can showcase your plumbing company’s knowledge of modern bathroom solutions and lead to installation inquiries.

Choosing the Right Water Heater for Your Home

Idea: Compare different types of water heaters (tankless, traditional, heat pump) and guide readers in selecting the most suitable option based on their household needs and energy efficiency goals.

Outcome: Homeowners in need of a new water heater will appreciate the guidance provided. This post can position your company as an expert in water heater installations, potentially leading to inquiries and installations.

Understanding Sewer Line Issues

Idea: Educate readers about common sewer line problems, such as tree root intrusion, clogs, and deterioration. Explain the importance of regular maintenance and signs that indicate a problem.

Outcome: Homeowners concerned about their sewer lines will seek information on potential issues. This post can establish your company’s expertise in sewer line diagnostics and repairs, generating inquiries for services.

Green Plumbing Practices for a Sustainable Home

Idea: Discuss eco-friendly plumbing practices such as rainwater harvesting, graywater systems, and using sustainable materials. Highlight the environmental benefits and potential cost savings.

Outcome: Environmentally-conscious homeowners will find this post appealing. It can position your company as a promoter of sustainable plumbing solutions, attracting clients interested in green alternatives.

Emergency Plumbing Preparedness Guide

Idea: Create a guide for homeowners on how to handle plumbing emergencies, such as burst pipes, leaks, and flooding, until professionals arrive. Include step-by-step instructions and safety tips.

Outcome: Homeowners searching for emergency solutions will appreciate this practical guide. It can establish your company as a reliable resource in times of crisis, potentially leading to future service requests.

Benefits of Regular Plumbing Inspections

Idea: Explain why regular plumbing inspections are essential for preventing major issues and saving money in the long run. Detail what an inspection involves and provide real-life examples.

Outcome: Homeowners looking to avoid costly repairs will be interested in this post. By emphasizing the value of proactive maintenance, you can generate inquiries for inspection services.

The Science of Drain Cleaning: How to Clear Clogs Effectively

Idea: Dive into the science behind drain clogs, explaining different methods of clearing them, from chemical solutions to snaking and hydro jetting. Provide insights into when to use each method.

Outcome: Homeowners facing stubborn clogs will find this post valuable. By showcasing your expertise in drain cleaning techniques, you can attract inquiries for professional clog removal.

Plumbing Tips for New Homeowners

Idea: Craft a comprehensive guide for new homeowners, covering plumbing basics, maintenance schedules, and advice for spotting potential issues early. Offer a downloadable checklist for their convenience.

Outcome: New homeowners seeking guidance on home maintenance will appreciate this post. It can position your company as a helpful resource during the transition to homeownership.

Managing Hard Water: Solutions for Plumbing and Appliances

Idea: Educate readers about the effects of hard water on plumbing and appliances, and suggest solutions such as water softeners and scale prevention techniques.

Outcome: Homeowners dealing with hard water issues will find this post valuable. It can position your company as a source of solutions for water quality concerns.

Plumbing for Aging in Place: Accessibility Upgrades

Idea: Discuss plumbing modifications and upgrades that enhance accessibility for seniors and people with mobility challenges. Cover items like grab bars, raised toilets, and curbless showers.

Outcome: Families considering aging-in-place modifications will seek information on plumbing upgrades. This plumbing blog topic can position your company as a provider of inclusive plumbing solutions.

The Importance of Backflow Prevention: Explained

Idea: Break down the concept of backflow, why it’s a health hazard, and how backflow prevention devices work. Highlight scenarios where these devices are necessary.

Outcome: Homeowners concerned about water contamination will find this post informative. It can position your company as a proponent of water safety, potentially leading to inquiries about device installation.

Innovative Ways to Conserve Water in Your Garden

Idea: Share water-saving tips for outdoor plumbing, such as using drip irrigation, rainwater harvesting, and selecting drought-resistant plants. Provide a guide on setting up a water-efficient garden.

Outcome: Homeowners interested in sustainable gardening practices will appreciate this post. It can position your company as a holistic plumbing resource, catering to both indoor and outdoor needs.

Kitchen Plumbing Dos and Don’ts

Idea: Create a guide to maintaining kitchen plumbing, including proper disposal use, avoiding grease buildup, and handling dishwasher maintenance.

Outcome: Homeowners seeking to extend the life of their kitchen plumbing systems will find this post helpful. It can position your company as a provider of comprehensive plumbing care.

Plumbing Considerations for Home Additions

Idea: Provide insights into plumbing considerations when adding rooms or expanding a home. Discuss sewer line extensions, water heater upgrades, and other relevant topics.

Outcome: Homeowners planning home additions will require plumbing insights. This post can position your company as a partner in seamless home expansion.

Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of a Plumber

Idea: Offer readers a glimpse into the daily routine of a plumber. Highlight diverse tasks, challenges, and rewarding aspects of the job.

Outcome: Aspiring plumbers and curious homeowners will be intrigued by this post. It can humanize your company and attract potential job applicants or curious customers.

Idea: Predict upcoming trends in the plumbing industry, such as smart plumbing systems, water quality monitoring, and sustainable innovations.

Outcome: Forward-thinking homeowners and those interested in technology will find this post compelling. It positions your company as a thought leader and innovator in plumbing solutions.

Emergency Plumbing Tips for Holidays and Special Occasions

Idea: Provide guidance on how to prevent plumbing mishaps during holiday gatherings and special events. Offer advice on handling increased usage and potential issues that can arise.

Outcome: Homeowners preparing for gatherings will find this post useful. It positions your company as a reliable source for plumbing preparation during busy times.

Choosing the Right Faucets: Style and Functionality

Idea: Explore the world of faucet options, discussing factors such as design, finishes, and features. Offer guidance on selecting faucets that match both style preferences and practical needs.

Outcome: Homeowners renovating or updating their bathrooms and kitchens will appreciate this post. It can lead to inquiries about faucet installation and replacement.

Plumbing Maintenance for Rental Properties

Idea: Address the unique plumbing maintenance challenges faced by landlords and property managers. Discuss strategies for minimizing repairs and addressing tenant-related plumbing issues.

Outcome: Property managers seeking guidance on maintaining rental properties will find this post valuable. It positions your company as a partner in property upkeep.

The Role of Plumbing in Indoor Air Quality

Idea: Explain how plumbing systems can impact indoor air quality and provide tips for maintaining healthy air. Discuss issues like mold growth, ventilation, and humidity control.

Outcome: Homeowners concerned about their indoor environment will find this post informative. It can position your company as a knowledgeable advocate for healthy living spaces.

Plumbing Myths Debunked: Fact vs. Fiction

Idea: Address common misconceptions about plumbing, such as “flushable” wipes, DIY fixes, and plumbing shortcuts. Provide accurate information to educate readers.

Outcome: Homeowners seeking reliable plumbing advice will appreciate this post. It establishes your company as a trustworthy source of accurate information.

Plumbing Considerations for Home Energy Efficiency

Idea: Discuss how plumbing systems contribute to overall home energy efficiency. Cover topics like insulation, hot water heaters, and leak detection for conserving energy.

Outcome: Energy-conscious homeowners will be interested in this post. It positions your company as a knowledgeable partner in creating eco-friendly homes.

Solving Common Water Pressure Issues

Idea: Address the factors that contribute to water pressure problems, such as sediment buildup, faulty pressure regulators, and leaks. Offer solutions for diagnosing and resolving these issues.

Outcome: Homeowners experiencing water pressure problems will seek solutions. This post can position your company as a problem-solving expert.

Plumbing Maintenance for Vacation Homes

Idea: Provide a guide on maintaining plumbing systems in vacation homes during periods of non-use. Include tips for winterizing and preventing damage while the property is vacant.

Outcome: Second-homeowners and property investors will find this post valuable. It can lead to inquiries about plumbing maintenance services for vacation properties.

Pioneering Women in the Plumbing Industry

Idea: Celebrate the contributions of women in the plumbing industry, from historical figures to modern trailblazers. Highlight their achievements and impact on the field.

Outcome: Readers interested in diversity and industry history will appreciate this plumbing blog topic. It showcases your company’s awareness of industry inclusivity.

Plumbing Safety: Tips for DIY Enthusiasts

Idea: Offer safety guidelines for homeowners attempting minor plumbing repairs. Discuss protective gear, tools, and precautions to prevent accidents.

Outcome: DIY enthusiasts looking to tackle plumbing tasks safely will find this post valuable. It positions your company as a responsible advocate for DIYers.

Remember to tailor these blog ideas to your target audience’s needs and interests. By consistently producing valuable content, you’ll establish your plumbing company as a go-to resource for all things plumbing-related. Our team will incorporate these diverse plumbing blog ideas into your content strategy and help establish your plumbing company as a reliable source of information, expertise, and solutions for a wide range of plumbing-related topics.

find a plumbing blog topic that homeowners relate to

5 Tips to Find Inspiration for Plumbing Blog Ideas

For starters

  • Current trends in the plumbing industry
  • Situations from your work or daily activities in the company
  • Highlights from other bloggers  in the  industry
  • Content idea generator
  • Consulting friends and family

Creative plumbing blog topics for established companies

  • Inspiration from your audience feedback
  • Phrases you want to rank for
  • Day-to-day routines and activities
  • Previous projects
  • Answering common questions
top plumbing blog topics for 2024

5 Most Asked Questions About Coming up with Fresh Plumbing Blog Topics

What do I need to do when creating a content marketing strategy from scratch?

  • Co-create your content strategy with your colleagues and department heads
  • Research and gather your buyer insights
  • Make a simple one-page sketch
  • Be concise clear and consistent

How can I become consistent in my content marketing website

Failing to plan is always planning to fail. Content marketing is an ongoing process. When you think you have mastered the art, there is a new strategy to test. Understand what the buyers need so that you can find new ways to offer a solution. Build an audience-based content calendar. Remember to add other peoples’ input such as interviews, reviews, and opinions

How do I develop  a successful content marketing program in my company

If you want to start a successful marketing campaign, you have to believe you can. Pinpoint the exact problems that your clients are trying to solve. Collaborate with various departments and stakeholders to create a mission, a strategy, and premium content. Engage the best content writing services for consistent and fresh content.

What is the best way to tweet content  or break news

There are many approaches to consider when it comes to social media/Twitter.

  • Keep it short and time-bound- create short tweets coupled with contextual links. Engage in other topics of interest by tying your content to relevant stories. Inject your opinions when major industry news and trends are released. Start a debate by highlighting the difference between your industry approach and that of your competitor. Follow your customers by liking and sharing their content.
  • Evoke emotion- share relevant content that evokes awe, anxiety, or surprise. Set your limits and keep your message direct
  • Add visuals- visuals act like eye candy. Integrate text with images. Turn your text into photos, infographics, or videos.
  • Spark dialogue- join ongoing conversations in your industry and react to breaking news. Invite new connections into private and public conversations. You can do that by live-tweeting the most compelling topics whenever you attend a live event.

    How do I implement an effective content marketing strategy with a small team?

    If you desire to succeed with a small team, you have to be bold and quick. Use your strong points and focus on the advantages. You can start by focusing on one content type and delivering it consistently on one platform. After doing this for a period, you can then pick the next content type and work on it. Remember that large companies will try all strategies at once. To win, you have to be an expert in one field at a time

    The Eight Main Areas to Cover in Plumbing Business Blog Topics

    Water supply

    1. Plumbing fixtures that will save you money
    2. Benefits of installing a water softener
    3. How to stop a toilet from overflowing
    4. You need to patch a leaky pipe as you wait for the plumber. Check this
    5. Do you have a good system? Maybe you’ve been doing these things wrong
    6. How high water pressure can damage your homes heating system
    7. Is your pump ready for summer storms? Here is a checklist
    8. Why water usage and conservation matters
    9. Handy tools for every homeowner and how to use them
    10. Fixing a leaky shower head, step by step


    1. Having fruit flies in the bathroom? This routine will work for you
    2. Crazy scary creatures that you might find in your pipes
    3. Weird things people have flushed down the drain
    4. Safe ways to dispose of leftover grease and oil
    5. Amazing homemade products to remove foul bathroom odors
    6. How to prevent and deal with mold in the bathroom
    7. DIY drain cleaning idea gone wrong
    8. What should I expect during a drain cleaning service?
    9. Health issues associated with sewage exposure, watch out
    10. The ultimate guide to clean bathrooms and free drains
    1. How to unclog a leaking or broken  shower drain
    2. If your toilet won’t drain, quit these awful  habits
    3. Can I flush food down the toilet?
    4. Why is my sewage coming up through the bathtub?
    5. The ultimate guide to unclogging drains
    6. Why you should avoid pouring grease down the drain
    7. Do it yourself girl, unclog a toilet with three easy steps
    8. Raise the water level in the toilet bowl with these hacks
    9. Useful drainage hacks and tricks for every homeowner
    10. Eleven drainage rules you keep breaking every day
    1. The basics about water heaters, types, parts, and repair
    2. How do water heaters work, a step-by-step guide
    3. Toilet parts diagram. Do you want to install the toilet seat
    4. How can I prevent condensation on air conditioning ducts?
    5. Amazing benefits of high-pressure drain cleaning
    6. Is it safe to adjust your water heater temperature?
    7. Help I can’t find the water heater pressure valve
    8. What can I use to remove calcium build-up on faucets?
    9. How to prepare for emergency plumbing situations before winter
    10. 11 plumbing priorities before you leave for vacation

    How-to” plumbing blog ideas

    1. How to replace a shower faucet
    2. How to install a toilet flange
    3. The ultimate guide to installing a new dishwasher
    4. How to find the source and cause of cloudy rusty water
    5. Amazing tips on how to thaw frozen pipes
    6. How to avoid losing the water pressure in your shower
    7. How to prevent rust stains from your toilet

    “Why and what” ideas

    1. Why you should have a plumbing inspection before buying a home
    2. The right tools for a bathroom remodel
    3. Why you should find your shut-off valves now
    4. Why a bathroom remodel is a good idea
    5. What to look for before choosing a plumbing contractor

    Fire protection

    1. Amazing firefighting inventions you never knew existed
    2. What to do during a fire outbreak, three easy steps
    3. 10 ways to prevent electrical hazards at home
    4. Emergency plumbing solutions every homeowner should know
    5. Common plumbing mistakes that can cost your life
    6. Common plumbing myths you should forget about
    7. The ultimate guide to home safety
    8. The best and easy-to-use fire protection tools
    9. Emerging technologies to watch out for in the plumbing industry
    10. The most frequently asked plumbing questions and their answers


    1. 5 essential steps in  designing a drainage system
    2. Water conservation tips you will wish you knew earlier
    3. Simple ways to eliminate algae growth in tanks and waterways
    4. How to find an eco-friendly plumber
    5. Spring gardening tips from the  expert plumber
    6. Why regular plumbing maintenance is important
    7. 5 irrigation plumbing mistakes that increase your bill
    8. Emerging technologies to look out for this year
    9. Effective tools for your do-it-yourself plumbing repair
    10. How to fix common plumbing mistakes before it gets messy

    9 Different Blog Content Writing Services for Plumbing Companies

    SEO content writing services for a plumbing company should not be complicated. You only need to ensure that your professional team understands each of the following content types.

    1. Lists with a sharable and easy-to-read format
    2. How-to guides that teach people the way of doing things. They provide answers to a common problem
    3. Checklists that give a step-by-step breakdown of what needs to be done to accomplish a particular goal
    4. Informative and entertaining infographics
    5. Celebrity or expert interviews-They are a great way to  gather information without a real research
    6. Guest blog posts to deliver fresh ideas; new perspectives about a product or service
    7. Intriguing and newsworthy articles -they’re a great way to catch trends and  new inventions
    8. Personal stories that relate to your audience are great for a start. It is a great way to build a personal touch
    9. Case studies or a video of current projects

    Top Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I advertise my new company website?

    • Have some time on social media.
    • List yourself in online directories
    • Incorporate local SEO
    • List your company with Google

    How do you market a plumbing company?

    • Run a pay-per-click advertising campaign
    • Use videos to showcase your projects
    • Start and follow a niche marketing strategy
    • Ask other plumbing companies for backlinks
    • Get into social media marketing

    How do I write a successful plumbing blog for my website?

    • Choose  the best blogging platform for plumbing companies
    • Select a variety of blogging topics to write about
    • Offer value to your readers
    • Focus on marketing your blog
    • Link your blog to the company website
    • Encourage interaction and make commenting easy
    A technical plumbing writer will help you come up with high-quality plumbing blog ideas and topics

    Managing a plumbing company blog requires skill and consistency. Sometimes, it is essential to hire professional content writing services in the plumbing industry. With our premium copywriting services, we’ll not only help you generate fresh ideas but also ensure that all other content marketing considerations are met.

    Follow our blog for amazing plumbing blog ideas, how-to guides, plumbing SEO consultations, and plumbing queries.

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