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How much is your contracting business visible? How much do you value exposure for your contracting business? Whether it is Marketing for plumbing contractors, Marketing for construction contractors or Marketing for HVAC contractors, overall Marketing for contractors is a fundamental business element that ultimately sets your business apart while attracting a steady pool of clients your way.

You are probably asking yourself right now. But what is the Best marketing for contractors? Well, you can be sure that before you get to the tail end of this article, we shall have addressed your concern more clearly and most reassuringly and hopefully dispel all manner of doubt you may be harboring concerning giving your contracting business some wings to fly.

Below we have taken some time to break down your concerns into small digestible chunks to aid your understanding and bootstrap your confidence to reach out to the experts any time you need professional marketing tools for your contracting business.

How can I start a contractor business?

So you think you are ready to take the huge leap into entrepreneurship? Starting your very own contracting business is no doubt an exciting thought. Nevertheless, have you made sure that you have all the requisite skills and solid experience in place?

In the current economic landscape, most individuals and companies prefer outsourcing certain services as opposed to hiring permanent employees for the same. Why is that? An outsourced contractor is first of all, more flexible especially for the ‘just-in-time’ kind of engagements. Secondly, an outsourced contractor, being in their dedicated line of work for long, may possess advanced skills, manpower, resources, and networks and are more likely to do the work with much ease, in less time, and with an exceptional professional acumen.

Those are just some of the benefits that come with being a self-employed contractor. But how do you start this exciting journey? Before taking the plunge, we always advise our clients to factor a few things into their decision as follows:

1.      Do a thorough introspection of self

Ask yourself. Am I really cut out for self-employment? Can my personality and lifestyle accommodate and retain my self-employment status? Answering these basic yet fundamental questions might provide you with the right bearing to launch your next steps.

The introspection will generally involve critical family discussions, a deep evaluation of your financial standing, any future plans you may be having, any benefits you stand to lose, examining your ability to endure uncertainty without wavering, as well as the sole responsibility of managing and running a business. These are all major concerns that if addressed right, might propel you to entrepreneurial greatness.

2.      Develop a business blueprint

Once self-doubt is out of the way, it is a good time to chart out a solid path for your business. A few foundational questions to set your perspective right are:

  • How do I identify my target audience?
  • How much should I expect to incur in launching the business and what is the industry average?
  • How do is select a unique yet catchy name and slogan for my business?
  • How should I structure my fees and charges?

Part of the clue in identifying your target audience lies in the sustainability of their cash flows because most of these contractor jobs are not cheap. Understanding the business costs will require a deeper and wider assessment of the fundamental parts that keep a business afloat. These may range from professional equipment costs, advertising costs, equipment maintenance costs, partnership costs, labor costs, business permits, and insurance costs, not forgetting transportation costs for all your contracting equipment and personnel.

Charging a client will mostly depend on the scope of work or an agreed-upon hourly rate. We always advise our clients to undertake robust market research to ascertain what other contractors charge.

Once the above two critical steps have been adhered to, the rest will fall into place. Proceed and do the following:

  • Decide on the best business structure
  • Register the business for tax regulations and compliance
  • Set up a business bank account as well as a business credit card
  • Develop a bookkeeping structure for your business
  • Secure all requisite licenses and permits
  • Obtain a business insurance
  • Craft a unique and sellable business brand
  • Set up a professional business website

How can I grow a contractor business?

If you are thinking about taking your contractor business to its full potential, then here is a good place to start. Scaling a contractor business requires a deeper commitment to making only quality decisions.

Below are a few expert tips to set you off and leave you contemplating the levels you want to see your business scale:

1.      Never stop thinking about your customers

If your customer service is questionable or your customers are not your top priority, then you are probably doing something gravely wrong! Your customers can decide whether your business is going to stagnate and mark time for the rest of its existence, collapse back to nothing, or skyrocket to greater heights.

It is really simple; always be on the lookout for evolving customer needs, however mundane, and immediately jump in the rescue boat to address them. Ensure you are always solving a problem for them to remain connected.

2.      Invest in a great team

Spend quality time researching and identifying people with demonstrable trust and reliability. And no! You should not do it causally or during your free time. Invest some real, quality time in recruiting the right team for your business.

Employees are an irreplaceable lifeline in your business. When it comes to building your team, ensure you get it right the first time. Everywhere they go, they carry an image of your brand, and you never want your business to lose its professional luster!

3.      Manufacture the right business culture

This should be done right from the onset before setting the business rolling. Think about the beliefs, norms, and habits you want your team to embrace. Let this go into your business mission as well. Ensure employees walk and talk about the company culture even when out with clients. At the bottom line, make sure it is a culture of trust!

4.      Invest in the right marketing tools

The top-rated tool for marketing is the digital marketing tool. The world is fast evolving and you want to be found on the right side of change. Technology has taken over the business world and only by establishing a digital presence for your business will you survive.

Digital marketing is broad, ranging from SEO, paid advertising, social media campaigns, content marketing, as well as email marketing. These tools combined will take your business to unprecedented levels of success. Not sure how to begin? Engage our experts for a sustainable digital marketing infrastructure.

More ways to stretch your business wings include:

  • Networking more often
  • Engaging in strategic partnerships
  • Aligning your business model with the evolving technological advancements
  • Looking for creative ways to outwit your rivals

Where do home service contractors find leads?

On-demand home services are on the rise. This calls for home service contractors to be armed with the right lead generation strategies under their sleeves. As you think about these strategies, think also of where to find them.

There are plenty of lead generation sites for home service contractors out there, but we are only going to narrow down to a few top-rated ones.

  1. Amazon

The Amazon Home Services platform is an extension of Amazon online services that creates a simplified way to shop for home services. This is indeed a convenient platform as most homeowners purchase their home appliances and equipment via Amazon.

It is absolutely easy to subscribe to this lead generation service and it does not even cost you a cent. Once a homeowner selects your service, you decide on the best date for the home service and afterward receive payment from Amazon for the said service with a minimal deduction ranging between 15% to 20% of the service fee.

Doing your best job here sets your business up for some great and wide-reaching reviews that will definitely mean well for the business at large.

2.      Angie’s List

This is a home services website with over five million registered households. That snapshot already hints to you, just how many leads you stand to gain from listing on such a site.

Home service contractors are allowed to list with Angie’s list in two formats. The organic listing, where it is free of charge or the paid ads listing that attracts a minimal fee per click yet affords your business more visibility.

Beyond just listing, a business is allowed to advertise and connect with the numerous users of the site. It is a great way to get noticed, contacted, engaged and even reviewed after some incredible service delivery.

3.      Bark

The bark is a great home service website that seeks to enhance your home service business’s rankings, ratings, and reviews. Bark allows you to keenly select your leads as opposed to flooded lead generation. This way you can only narrow down your search to serious clients with real projects.

In other words, Bark selectively matches your business to sure leads at only a minimal fee once the lead is approved.

4.      HomeAdvisor

This home service website operates on a pay-per-lead principle, but guarantees only quality leads. However, the site does nothing to persuade the lead found to engage your services. That part belongs to you once the lead is handed over to your business.

Joining HomeAdvisor is not free like most of the other sites. A business has to subscribe to a yearly plan to gain access to the site.

Other popular lead generation sites include:

  • Houzz
  • NextDoor
  • Porch
  • Thumbtack
  • Yelp

Not sure how to maximize your prospects online? We always strive to understand the needs of your service business and devise customized lead generation solutions, so you do not keep flogging a dead horse!

Is there an easy and cheaper way of getting contractor leads?

Are you looking for hassle-free ways to generate more leads for your business? Is your budget a little too strained to invest in additional lead generation tools? No need to panic. We do our best to deliver our expert knowledge on how best to go about lead generation while keeping your overheads down.

There are a few simple yet sure ways to still realize great leads over time.

1.      Enhance your website’s architectural allure

If you already have a contractor website, you might want to consider making it more appealing and uniquely catchy to the eye. In other words, make your website’s first impression stunning!

Make it simple to navigate, make it searchable by optimizing the content, summarize the homepage content to only highlight the core pillars of the business, including relevant multimedia content as well enhance the thematic appeal of the website’s outlook. If done professionally, these basic elements are bound to increase your website traffic that ultimately translating to more leads for your business.

2.      Incorporate blogging into the website

An active blog page is an interactive way to keep your website visitors engaged, and possibly convert them into leads.

Under the blog section you can venture into enlightening your visitors and readers on the nitty-gritty of your services, how much it would cost them, what scope of service should they expect, similar services in your local area, and lastly, include some solid client reviews touching directly on a service you offered. Make sure the blog is always updated with some exciting information to keep your website visitors glued to your site.

3.      Set up and manage your contractor social media pages

Setting up social media pages is absolutely free. If you are unsure, engage our experts for assistance or a free consultation. You are welcome to try Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, as well as a YouTube channels. I mean, the more the merrier, right?

However, do not just pause at creating the pages. Generating lasting leads is a full-time job! You have to keep posting, connecting, reacting, and engaging your prospective leads on these platforms. Your content has to be relevant and up-to-date always.

More proven ways of easily generating leads for your business include:

  • Incorporate SEO in all your online platforms
  • Regularly restructure your online content
  • Consult digital marketing experts on current trends
  • Adopt email newsletter campaigns
  • Participate in product reviews frequently

What is the best method to market a home service contractor?

Do you believe you are a reliable home service provider? How do you increase your awareness of homeowners out there?

Effectively marketing your home services demands that you take the right approach. If you are not sure about the best approach, we are here for just that. Consult with us! Here are a few reliable ways you can approach your marketing process:

1.      Understand your potential clients

How well do you know your customers? What’s your unique value proposition?  Instead of only focusing on homeowners, you can choose to expand your scope to include landlords, building managers, or areas dominated by elderly citizens.

Always research and look out for locations with a high concentration of potential clients for your home services.

2.      Build profitable networks

Always be ready to request a referral as soon as you deliver a service. Word of mouth or online reviews carry the tremendous potential of exposing your business.

Beyond the clients, solicit reliable industry partners such as landscapers, hygiene services, pool cleaners, as well as interior designers and request to form a networking group to assist your businesses to soar.

3.      Old school local advertising tactics

This may sound old-fashioned, but sometimes old is gold. Establishing a solid connection with your local community carries the potential of turning your neighbors into your brand ambassadors.

Approach their homes, slip your business flyer or brochure under their doors, or drop a postcard in their mailbox. Just make sure you remain intentional in your approach. You never know how far such small consistent acts can take your business.

4.      Embrace digital solutions

You cannot afford to miss out on the internet. It is way too costly! Your business’s presence has to be felt. Beyond the basics of website creation and social media platforms, you need to go the extra mile of seeking out referrals.

You can choose to list your home service business on trusted referral sites that have a proven potential of exposing your business beyond your wildest imaginations.

5.      Stay connected

Whatever you do, never lose touch with your clients and partners. Especially after a single job. Relationships always demand to be fed and the more you send email updates and reminders to your clients, the more you are likely to land a subsequent job.

Keep the clients engaged on regular maintenance works that must be done in certain seasons. Let them know your vast skills in overall home maintenance, not just a single area. Constantly urge them to review your services. If you get this done right, you should never have to worry about repeat business.

How can I turn a small contractor company into a top company?

Raring to soar with the top leagues of your industry? Aspiring to become an industry leader of your time? Then think of branding!

Developing an outstanding contractor brand sets your potential clients ready for an encounter they are more than willing to pay for. A brand says not only a lot but also everything about you! It outlines where your company is currently, where your business aspires to be, as well as the perception your business inspires in the minds of your potential clients.

Ever thought of becoming a top brand? Here is how:

1.      Involve the experts

In this new journey, you have chosen to undertake, you will probably require professional services every step of the way. When selecting and designing your brand logo, an expert’s input is definitely inevitable. Since you have chosen to go full-blown on your business, expect your pocket to suffer a little as well. And guess what though? It will all be worth it in the end!

Beyond just the branding, you will also need expert input in launching and maintaining your digital infrastructure. The beauty of professional partners is that they ensure consistency in your entire branding outlook, both physically and on the internet. Consistency is a great asset when it comes to customer retention.

For your business to reach optimal visibility, it requires certain digital tools and know-how that only the experts in the craft possess. They understand which methods work well, and which ones do not, after years of trying and testing.

Therefore, make sure you always have some professionals on the side if you are to get to the top.

2.      Choose and establish a solid identity

You would rather be known for possessing deeper industry-relevant experience and for producing high-quality work than to be known for being cheap.

In the brand business, perception is everything. Do you want to be seen as representing a good value or a good price? You have to critically look into ways of making your brand resonate with your value as opposed to your price. Value tends to last longer in your client’s mind compared to price.

Your business’s personality should represent positivity if you are aiming at repeat business or more online reviews. The surest way to rise to the top is by remaining consistent in your brand display and value delivery. Involve our professionals to journey with you to the top.

Where can I get a good marketer to market my contracting company?

Good question. Well, to answer your question, you can get in touch with us and get started on the best marketing strategy for your contracting company. Be it Marketing for plumbing contractors, Marketing for construction contractors, or Marketing for HVAC contractors, we provide the Best marketing for contractors.

With a comprehensive marketing strategy, we will boldly take the next step and journey with you all the way to the deployment of the strategies laid down.

What exactly do we do to deliver your marketing targets? Our team of highly qualified marketers is endowed with vast industry-wide prospects and knows how exactly to drive the right leads through:

  • Website design and development
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Video Marketing (before and after the content of your services)
  • Email Marketing
  • Listing your business on top-rated referral sites
  • Partnering your business with the best in the industry
  • Designing and growing your brand
  • Providing responsive and reliable expert help in form of client support
  • Converting your customers into brand ambassadors by proposing service packages
  • Partnering with local media houses on the best advertisement options
  • Soliciting genuine customer reviews
  • Publishing authoritative content about your business
  • Maximizing your online presence

Once you engage our teams on the above tasks, you can sit back, relax, and watch your contracting business take off and scale new heights. We guarantee you that much!

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