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Is HVAC a Good Career?

Interesting Aspects of HVAC Careers

Ever wondered what the world would be like without HVAC technicians? You guessed it right-extreme.

Without the valuable input of HVAC technicians, proper climate control in our homes would prove impossible. That essentially means most of our homes would be rendered uninhabitable at the very least. That fact alone necessitates the need for HVAC careers.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, demand for certified HVAC technicians is set to rise by over 4% over the next decade. The major drivers for this significant spike are an increase in residential and commercial constructions as well as the rapid rise of complex climate control systems with technological advancement.

With such projected growth in the HVAC industry, career prospects are promising as well. This is especially the case for maintenance and repair works as homeowners rely on their heating and cooling systems throughout the year.

Keep reading to discover more interesting facts that make HVAC careers an excellent choice in today’s world.

What is the overall outlook of HVAC careers?

Is HVAC a good career?

Yes, and part of that reason is because it is a highly dynamic career with plenty of growth opportunities. It is no wonder many young professionals are joining this field.

Career uptake in the HVAC job market is expected to grow over the next decade. That’s largely attributed to two major reasons, namely:

  1. Demand for greener HVAC solutions

Because a bigger chunk of what HVAC technicians do involve repair and maintenance works, this demand will work to their advantage. As the world goes greener, there is a growing need for HVAC solutions that are both energy-efficient and pollution-free such as geothermal heat pumps, smart thermostats, ice-powered ACs, and solar power.

This represents a great career prospect for these technicians as HVAC manufacturers rush to upgrade their units. Most homeowners and property managers are quickly shifting to these greener units.

Therefore, the demand for upgrades, replacements, and maintenance of these new units works to the advantage of HVAC technicians.

  1. Expansion of the construction industry

As the construction industry evolves and expands rapidly, the demand for HVAC technicians simultaneously grows. Modern commercial and residential housing units are fitted with more advanced HVAC units that can only be handled by qualified HVAC technicians.

Therefore, the role of HVAC technicians cannot be downplayed, especially in this technological era. As the job market evolves, HVAC technicians are also fast evolving. To keep up with technology, most HVAC technicians are upgrading their computer skills as well as their overall troubleshooting skills.

Moreover, they are relying more on professional marketing methods to win and dominate local markets. With professional HVAC content writing services, for instance, HVAC technicians are able to transform their HVAC websites into lead magnets. This helps them stabilize their marketing budgets and streamline their operations.

What is the future of careers in HVAC?

The future of HVAC technicians is absolutely promising. And no, that’s not just a blunt statement to make you feel better.

Many reputable bodies have conducted growth projections of this broad industry and concluded that HVAC’s relevance is here for the long haul. Why is that?

Take a look.

HVAC demand is not about to be phased out

HVAC technicians do not have to worry about robots or artificial intelligence taking over their space because of the intricate nature of their jobs. The nature of HVAC careers from installations to repairs demands intense human labor and only real people with real skills can do that. And with the projected growth of the HVAC marketplace, demand for HVAC skills can only skyrocket.

It’s also a job with continuous hands-on learning as new challenges emerge each day. An HVAC robot would require frequent reprogramming for all that.

HVAC technicians also provide essential home services that ensure continuity of building operations, safety, and sanitation of residences. They are therefore considered essential workers.


Enhancing the safety of a home

By maintaining air filtration systems, HVAC technicians essentially participate in improving the indoor air quality (IAQ) of our spaces. This helps in keeping at bay dust and other allergens that may be harmful to our respiratory systems. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, these filtration systems have received technical upgrades from HVAC technicians to trap even the tiniest of particles, keeping our spaces COVID-free.

In any building construction, indoor air quality takes center stage. That means, even a century away, air quality will still add to a construction’s significance. For that reason, HVAC technicians will remain relevant as long as the demand for quality indoor air stands.

Easily adaptable to technology

Even though HVAC units are becoming more and more automated, that’s only to simplify the work of HVAC technicians, not phase them out. With inbuilt sensors, most HVAC units can quickly alert HVAC technicians whenever they need maintenance or repair urgently.

As the construction industry migrates to 3D blue prints and house designs, HVAC technicians are equally upgrading their skills to interpret these new versions for their installations. This makes the HVAC installations a lot easier.

Additionally, the HVAC digital space is fast erupting. That presents HVAC technicians with dynamic opportunities to advertise their skills, services, and industry trends. The more these technicians stay connected with their clients through technology, the longer they remain in the marketplace. And one sure way to do that is by partnering with a reliable digital marketing agency.

Increasing property value

According to Zillow Research, homes with air conditioning have a higher resale value than homes without by 2.5%. That’s equivalent to a home premium of about $ 5,500. However, that figure could rise up to 5.5% for hotter and more humid areas.

Furthermore, even renters attach a higher premium to properties with air conditioning. Because the real estate market is ever dynamic, the role of HVAC technicians in installing, maintaining, repairing, and replacing these extremely precious air conditioners is here to stay.

Ever growing HVAC demand

With the demand for HVAC units ever increasing and even set to surpass the 150 million mark in the next couple of years according to a Statista report, HVAC technicians should brace themselves for more work. As more and more homeowners order new HVAC units, the gap still lies in the installation, maintenance, and repair works. That’s where the HVAC technician comes in.

Besides, more than two thirds of US homeowners rely on air conditioning. That’s already enough demand to last HVAC technicians in the job long enough.

Moreover, as the construction industry grows, the HVAC industry will also grow, making HVAC technicians stick around longer.

HVAC’s reputation

Generally, HVAC careers bear a sound reputation on the global scale. To back that notion further is the fact that HVAC technicians:

  • Earn a considerably lucrative pay
  • Receive extensive on-the job training,
  • Enjoy premium insurance covers
  • Have great movement flexibility
  • Enjoy maximum schedule flexibility
  • HVAC apprentices still earn some token

With such a remarkable reputation, most young professionals find the career appealing. That fact may trigger even more industry growth in the foreseeable future.

How can you make your HVAC career more interesting?

The future of the HVAC industry is no doubt bright. But what about your individual HVAC business? Have you taken the necessary steps to ensure you reap maximally from the imminent industry gains?

You can take the first step by working closely with an online marketing professional with a specialty in HVAC.

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