Is my personal information safe?

We have implemented the latest privacy policies in our
systems. We have complied with both GDPR and US privacy policy rules. Rest
assured that all your private data will stay that way.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click the ‘FORGOT
‘ button and follow the prompts. Typically, the site will ask you
to input the email, and it will automatically send the link to your email. Use
the email you used during signup.

How do I place an order?

You can navigate on top of the websites and click the order
now button. Alternatively, you can click here. Fill in
your order details and proceed to registration and checkout. It is a very
straightforward process. In case you have any difficulties, check the live chat
button on the bottom-right of your screen.

How do I place multiple orders?

You can place multiple orders by contacting us at You will receive a bulk order discount upon
placing the order.

How much do you charge?

We have a very transparent pricing model. We charge
different prices for different products and different quality levels. You can
see the pricing here.

How can I download the completed project?

We will send a notification once the project is complete.
Log into your profile to read and approve the order. Once you have approved the
order, you will see the download option.

Can you do short-deadline orders or urgent orders?

We are always ready for the challenge. The minimum order
turnaround on our system is 24hrs. You will be able to choose the option on the
ordering system. For multiple orders, kindly talk to us before placing the
order. We can make arrangements to ensure that we complete the job within the
negotiated timeline.

Is the content SEO friendly?

We are in the business of selling SEO-friendly content. We
have trained our teams on the latest SEO trends and best practices. We can
guarantee you that our content is ready for search engine optimization.

Can I request a revision for my order?

You can return the order for revision if any part of your
order instructions is not followed. It never happens, though, because our
content passes through multiple quality assurance checks before it is sent to you.

How do I know that my content is original?

We have implemented a 3-way plagiarism checking system. We
check all levels of plagiarism, including verbal plagiarism, intentional
plagiarism, and accidental plagiarism. It is practically impossible for the order
to have copied content.

Do you do article rewrites and upgrades?

We do all types of articles. You can peruse through our
services page to learn more.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept PayPal as the primary payment method. PayPal
accepts all major credits, debits, and direct bank transfers. You don’t have to
worry. If you have any problem making payments, kindly contact us.

What is your content strategy?

We know that search engines prefer quality, natural, and
flowing content. Unless stated otherwise:

  • Your article will meet a team of content
    strategists who will look at the keywords, article approach, structure, needs,
  • They will send a dossier to the research team to
    look for critical stats, studies, and helpful information that will be added to
    your work
  • The researchers will assign the improved dossier
    to the copywriting expert in that niche area
  • After writing, the article will be sent to the
    editorial team for review and approval.

You will receive this copy from the editorial team.

Do you offer a personalized project process?

We do. You can reach out to us via We offer managed content strategy too.

Why was my order auto-approved?

We will notify you once the order is submitted. You have 72
hours to approve or return the order for revision. If you do not accept it or
order a change, we will automatically mark the order as complete after 72

Do I own the rights to the written work?

Yes, you own the rights to all approved work. You are free
to use the job as you please. You can make modifications, additions,
subtractions, or anything else you wish on your work. Premium Article Writers
owns copyrights to all works before order approval. All drafts, revisions, or
final orders that are yet to be approved are exclusive assets of Premium
Article Writers.

What should I write in the order briefing?

Write all the relevant information about your order. We
prefer you use the order template. Ensure you indicate the word count,
industry, topic, keywords and density, tone, voice, and target audience.

If unsure, you can write a small story about your company,
your current pain point, and what you want to achieve with the order.

For example, you can write something like this;

I am Brianne from We offer content writing services
to our clients. Lately, many customers come to us requesting information on how
to structure their content marketing campaigns. I am looking for an article
about that. I have shared a document about the stages of content marketing
guidelines. I hope that will assist you in writing the paper for me. I am
looking for 3000-4500 words. Regards

If this is still too much to ask, (it can happen when you
are just starting a new project), contact us. We will guide you.

NB/ you cannot add personal information, contact details,
and such things on your order briefing. Keep all private/personal information a
secret. Do not add anything of criminal nature.

We encourage you to structure your order brief in advance.
If you have trouble doing that, reach out to us for assistance.

Will I get an expert writer?

We are premium content writers. We only do premium-level
work. To join our team, you need cumulative industry experience.

Can I request a specific writer?

Yes, you can. Writers set their direct order charges.