Home builders or construction companies

Are you a home builder or construction company that is struggling to grow and attract more clients? One of the key reasons that companies fail to perform as originally expected is because of the kind of content they have on their website.

Here at Premium Article Writers, we are a content creation agency and our main goal is to help you create SEO worthy content that will attract organic traffic to your website. Some of our services include:

Telling the brand story

As a home builder or construction company, your brand story will play a big role in reeling in your audience. People like stories and brand stories are not exempted from that fact. As content creation service providers, we will help you answer the following questions so that we can come up with an authentic brand story for your business:

  • What is the main inspiration behind the formation of your construction company?

  • Are there series of events that occurred in your life that led to the decision of forming the home builder company?

  • What is the mission or purpose of your company?

  • What problems will the services of your company help your target audience solve?

The brand story is a valuable marketing asset that will act as the sales pitch of your business. We are determined to help you create a compelling brand story that will make people flood to your website.

Copywriting content services

Copywriting is another useful way that we can be of benefit to your construction company. Our organization has creative storytellers that will write unique interesting content for your organization. We equip our writers with digital tools that help them create optimized content that will definitely attract more traffic to your website. The digital tools will encourage more engagement with your audience.

If you need a copywriter, then we have exactly what you need. We can help you prepare the following:

  • landing page content
  • campaign materials
  • banner ads
  • lead emails for your home builder website

Video marketing content services

Video content is a very important content strategy that your website should not miss. If you are a small construction company, you may be too focused on finding more clients that you lack time to create videos for your website.

Our job as content creators is to make your work easier by creating interesting videos for your company that will attract more website traffic and convert more leads into sales.

From our many years of experience as professional content creators, we have found that the following video strategies tends to attract the attention of the target audience immediately:

  • Customer testimonials to prove that other people are satisfied with your services

  • Live streams of the construction work in progress

  • Behind the scenes to make the audience feel like they know what goes on in your company

Are you ready to take your homebuilder company to the next level? Give us a call today and watch us create your website content that will draw your target audience to your site and convert more leads into sales.