Complete Guide To Creating Better Content For Construction Websites

Quality construction company website content helps in communicating your website’s purpose to customers and search engines. To get it, you need an expert in creating content for construction websites. It attracts the right audience, engages them, and leads them to take a desirable action. Making sure that your content is relevant and original makes your business credible and dependable.

Is content marketing cost-effective?

While compared to the traditional marketing approach, content marketing has proven to be cost-effective. This is because it generates more leads, combines conversion with awareness while reducing the money spent on advertising. However, this can only be the case when companies hire the best content writing services for a construction company. Remember that each content marketer is an expert in a given niche.

How much should I spend on content marketing?

The content marketing budget may vary from one industry to another. It may also be influenced by factors such as the size of a company, popularity, and the overall budget. The rule of thumb, however, is to dedicate 25- 30% of your marketing budget to content marketing. The results may be slightly higher if you employ the best content writing services for a construction website.

How can I know the best content writing services for a construction website?

  • Look for an educated writer who understands your field
  • Look for an audience-friendly and engaging tone
  • Hire a writer who is willing to deliver the best content for you your budget. However, do not be enticed by cheap content writing services.
  • Request for writing samples before signing a contract
  • Choose a team that comprises construction industry experts. You can reach out to us for recommendations
  • They incorporate SEO best practices

Common mistakes to avoid when choosing web content writing services for construction contractors

  • Hiring a jack of all trades/an all in one writer, marketer, blogger, web developer
  • Expecting a great change in a short period
  • Micromanaging your construction website content writing service

How do you write Construction Company website content?

Determine the purpose of the website content

You cannot write good quality content without knowing why you are writing it. Having the main goal of the website content puts you in a better position to articulate your points. If you want to sell products or services, then your content will be different from that building traffic and creating awareness.

How to write Construction Company website content for different purposes?


The selling copy

This copy intends to convert your website visitors to potential buyers. Ensure that you present your services in a way that interests and connects with them at a personal level. Use descriptive words and phrases. Create a list of the features and benefits of each service. It is also crucial to know your visitor’s pain points. Provide solutions to current issues that affect a particular group of people. If possible, use real-life cases and examples.

Building traffic and supporting advertising

To drive traffic to your services page, make your headlines irresistible. Your goal is to ensure that the visitor scrolls down and clicks to the services page. Be informative and interesting. Let your content offer new facts and guidelines. Make your content appealing by varying the length and format of each post. For this kind of content, intersperse news-based content, short form content, and long form content. You can also include opinion polls, infographics, images, and videos.

Attracting new clients

To attract new clients, you have to make your content outstanding. Make it easy to skim through and navigate. Use simple sentences. Write with your ideal client in mind. For the website, make your content easy to share and give feedback. Ask them to buy, consult, or enter their email addresses for follow-up.

Creating awareness on new trends and technologies

Writing content for awareness is the simplest yet the most misunderstood concept. This content aims to not only let the audience know but also inspire action. What would be the benefit of getting information without using it?

The do’s and don’ts of content marketing awareness

  • Make it visual and interesting.
  • Make it short but include all the essential
  • Be creative and direct at the same time
  • Make the key information prominent
  • Provide a link for more details
  • Do not forget to include a call to action
  • Do not clamp everything together
  • Do not use industry jargon even when it is correct

Do your research and know your audience?

The rule is always to write for humans first and search engines second. Search for the best possible ways to reach them, relate with them, and gain their trust. What you say and how you choose to say it will be determined by:

The audiences’ level of expertise- are you dealing with the experts or the novices?

If you are dealing with the experts, then you have to measure up to their standard. When dealing with novices, keep it simple and clear. Your goal is to communicate not to impress.

What does my audience care about? What do they want to know now?

This is the core to writing effective website content. Ensure that you answer his or her questions and concerns better than anyone else does. Give those options and solutions. This way, you have a greater chance of winning them over.

How did they land on my page? What were they searching for?

Knowing what your audience is interested in and how they got to your site will help you to know what to add to your site to keep them interested.    

How to research your audience?

  • Check for other sites that your visitors are likely to visit
  • Check the audience interests to see the topics they care about
  • Ask your audience direct questions
  • Check insights and viewing actions taken on your website through the analytics.
  • Look for common behavioral/buying traits among your customers

Use competing company websites to benchmark your performance

The best content writing services for a construction website offer a holistic view of the competitive landscape. Comparing your site to that of a competitor is important because.

  • Since you are offering similar products and services, your visitors are likely to visit your competitor’s website too.
  • You might identify trends in construction website content that may benefit your company.
  • It can inspire new ideas, dimensions, and perspectives to write about

What to do after analyzing your competitors’ website

  • Take a stance to offer something unique, different, and even better. This can relate to your strategy, format, or approach
  • Learn new tactics and spot on mistakes to avoid or new trends to emulate. Do not copy
  • Evaluate the possible options and the right way to compete fairly and squarely

How to analyze your competitors?

  • Create a list of possible competitors in the construction field
  • Check keywords that your competitors are getting ranked for
  • Check how competitive the industry is in terms of SEO. This will inform you on whether to hire SEO writing services for contractors or to delegate the role to your team
  • Spend time checking their style, topics, and formats
  • Check individual pages and how they differ

This will give you an idea of what to say, what has been said, and what to avoid.

Design how the content seamlessly integrates to form a whole website

Before you hire the best content writing services for a construction website, ensure there is a plan on how the pages integrate sketch a list of pages and the topic they will cover be sure to answer the following questions

  • What pages will I need?
  • What is the purpose of each page?
  • How will people navigate from one page to another?
  • What kind of content will each page hold and why?

 Write the content for each page.

It is time to write for each of your pages. Define the purpose of each page before writing the actual content. Winning construction websites must include the following pages.

The about us page


  • It should inform the reader about your company and its operations
  • Give details of the people behind the company, their motivation, and their beliefs. This gives the reader a certain level of expectation and trust
  • Highlight goals, attitudes, and other aspects of culture that the customer may care about. This reflects the personality of the business and its employees
  • Incorporates contact details and location information
  • It should contain the history and the aspirations of a business written as a marketing technique to entice potential customers
  • It is a way of incorporating SEO best practices to find customers through web searches

The tone

  • The tone should be interesting. A middle ground between we know what we are saying (knowledgeable) and you can reach out to us (approachable)
  • Let the information flow as if you are speaking to a friend or a colleague
  • Choose a conversational and natural structure. The kind that you use in your daily talk
  • Be neither too excited nor too boring

What to avoid on your about us page?

  • Using an extensive or distractive design- remember the focus is on what you have to say. Let the layout and design supplement your content. Bad design distracts your visitors.
  • Forgetting to tell people what you do
  • Putting too many details on one page

The homepage


  • It serves as the main entrance to your site. This means that it must contain essential navigation to direct people on where to go next.
  • It helps people understand who you are and what you do at a glance. For this reason, your home page should highlight the most important concepts in your business.
  • It plays the teaser role enticing customers to read the pages that contain all the details. Therefore, it should not serve as a library for text, and video content.
  • It acts as a magnet or a symbol that encourages visitors to dig deeper. The page establishes your brand and converts users into customers.

The tone

  • Compared to the about us page, the home page is more exciting and contains more zeal.
  • However, these elements should not be overemphasized.
  • It should be cheerful, caring, and conversational.

Essential elements to include in your homepage

  • A visible company logo at the top of your website
  • An easy navigation feature
  • A descriptive headline
  • A call to action
  • Client review samples
  • Explanatory visuals
  • An informational footer navigation

The services offered page


  • It is your platform to showcase what makes your business amazing
  • The page shows what you offer, your terms, and your target audience
  • It includes any possible discounts, offers, and deals

7 tips for writing an effective services page

  • Pick the right title. Do not leave your audience wondering why they landed on your page. Be as descriptive as possible.
  • Use your keywords strategically- although keywords are a priority on your services page, they should be among the factors to consider
  • Cater to individuals- direct your marketing message to a specific audience. Use a personable tone.
  • Make your page visual and interesting. Break up blocks of text with visual elements. This helps to keep visitors engaged.
  • Include endorsements from third parties- this can include reviews, testimonials, and social media sharing metrics.
  • Supplement your services page by adding other pages- use other pages or blogs to include additional information. This will prevent your page from being overcrowded.
  • Include a strong and compelling call to action- including a sense of urgency in your CTA

The tone

  • Use a conversational tone throughout
  • Even though you are talking about money and business, use words that radiate warmth and care.
  • Pour all your personality into this page.
  • Frame what you do in terms of client questions rather than third-person statements

The essentials of services offered page should answer the following questions.

  • What services are we delivering?
  • How will you(customers) engage us?
  • What do we charge?
  • What is our process?
  • What other benefits come with buying our product/using our services?

Reviews, recommendations, and Portfolio of past projects

You can write these sections as individual pages or merge them to form a single page. This is a method of business branding, also called social proof. It is an effective way of nurturing startups and maintaining credibility. There are six types of social proof.

  • The expert social proof- this occurs when an expert in the construction industry recommends your services or associates him/herself with your brand. Customers will always have the thought that whatever an expert uses is amazing because the expert is more knowledgeable in their field.
  • The celebrity social proof– when a celebrity endorses your product, customers will like it since they want to associate themselves with the celebrity.
  • The user social proof– occurs when your current customers recommend your services based on their experiences. This may include praising your brand on social media, rating, and writing reviews. Visitors tend to trust reviews since they represent honest opinions.
  • The wisdom of the crowd– this happens when a large group of people endorses your brand. Having a large number of followers on social media translates to the thought that more than ten thousand people cannot give a false impression of your brand.
  • The wisdom of friends- this happens when people see their friends approving your product.
  • Certification- this happens when you are given a stamp of approval. For example, having your website recognized, receiving the blue checkmark on social media

Using social proof to market your website


  • Collaborate with industry experts – this may include website managers, SEO content writing services for contractors among others.
  • Create social medial events to celebrate a milestone or to create awareness
  • Post reviews and reply to complaints

Quality designs for your customer reviews page

  • Create a review list- this works well for a website that has short-form content. List all the reviews one by one. You can include links to the reviews on social media for credibility.
  • The Pinterest design- give short blurbs and an image. Mix short and long blurbs to form a responsive grid.
  • Create a video/animation- animate all the reviews or package them in one video. The only problem with this approach is the quality and the bandwidth. For people with poor connections, it may take a while to load a high-quality video.

5 web content writing mistakes to avoid

  • Aiming your content at everyone
  • Making your content difficult to read by stuffing your keywords
  • Neglecting fonts and format
  • Making factual errors
  • Using old content ideas

Content marketing for construction companies is not a one-day job. This process calls for learning and dedication. If you want to know more about content writing, SEO best practices, and content marketing for Construction companies, reach out to us. Let us help you make content the king.

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