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Actively Engaging your audience and home service prospects is an effective way to build a healthy community of brand ambassadors. A consistently Engaged audience tends to establish a sentimental relationship with your brand, which makes them chant your brand’s name wherever they go.

Just like any other relationship, business to customer relationships demand to be fed to stay alive. If your relationship with your prospects is a dormant one, chances are that your brand may begin to gradually fade from their memory or vocabulary altogether.

If you are not constantly inventing and reinventing ways to make your relationship with your audience more meaningful, interactive, and intentional, you could be staring at your brand’s downfall.

Engaging your audience and prospects is the trip switch that activates traffic conversions into real customers because it is essentially a trust builder.

Why is engaging your audience important?

Do you value your relationship with your customers? Am guessing you do. A relationship that is valued must be safeguarded jealously. For if you neglect your prospects, they will most likely abandon your brand for another.

Here is why constantly engaging your audience is crucial:

·         Engaging your audience broadens your brand perspective

Solidly involving your audience in every step of your marketing campaigns by driving their participation deeper into discussions, reviews, and comments essentially broadens your own perspective about your brand. A wider view of vision allows you to enhance your marketing efforts in a way that resonates with your prospect’s needs.

·         Engaging your audience broadens your audience’s perspective

Engaging your audience is a sure way of learning and understanding their behavior, values, beliefs, and attitudes. Armed with such knowledge allows you to anticipate their needs better and make your brand message clearer and more relevant.

·         Engaging your audience shapes the perception of your audience

Consistently establishing a personal connection with your audience or the lack of it, determines how they view your brand. The tone of voice you use, the type of content you present, as well as the mediums you use to communicate can tell them whether you are trustworthy or not, or whether your brand is a good fit for them or not.

·         Building and growing community trust

If your audience finds your content interesting, consistent, and credible, they may begin to open up to you about their needs. The more they share their personal experiences or problems in the hands of other brands with you, the more the relationship becomes cemented with trust.

A brand that is trusted like this has no visibility limits. In other words, engaged prospects are more trusting.

What does it mean to have an engaged audience?

Measuring audience engagement can be rather difficult as the term audience engagement carries different meanings for different entities. For example, relying on page views or page likes alone to measure the level of audience engagement may be misleading because viewing or liking a page does not necessarily translate to active engagement.

Some of the ways to ascertain active participation of your audience using web analytics are:

·         Higher percentage of return prospects

A higher percentage of visitors returning to your website is a good sign of an Engaged audience. This is the case especially if they are returning to consume more of your content.

·         More web content clicks and shares

The more your audience clicks and shares your articles or blogs, the more engaged they are. A good number of the audience only share content that they themselves have read and proven to be high quality.

·         More web pages visited in each session

You can also gauge audience engagement by the number of pages in your articles they have visited per every session of site visit. If they read the first page and found it interesting, they will keep scrolling for more content or probably add more sessions to interact with your content.

·         More web session duration

Beyond having more sessions within your site, longer web session durations are a clear sign that your audience is actively engaged on your content.

For every audience engagement you seek to establish, it is always advisable to set smart goals for a given timeframe. After the lapse of the duration, you can begin your analysis of website and article activity to determine your achievements and the areas of improvement.

Tips on engaging the audience

Your audience’s time is precious. If you want to keep them engaged, you have to be adding value to their lives.

The following key highlights will enlighten you on How to engage an audience:

·         Be audience-relevant

Be timely in your approach when engaging your audience. Seek to understand their current issues or what they currently identify with. Based on that information, prove to them that you know and empathize with them by forecasting their reactions to highlighted issues and explaining how you would offer the best solution.

Being relevant always adds great value to your content, because your audience will always want to consult your information when confronted with related problems.

·         Make interactive presentations

Interactive presentations are a great way to keep your audience engaged by sparking their interest. You may choose to do a short video presentation or just a simple slideshow.

In the presentation, ensure you explain who you are, what your brand represents, prove the brand’s relevance, show how it has worked for other people before, as well as a series of positive reviews about your brand. It may be short but interactive and straightforward.

·         Do service demonstrations

The purpose of doing a brief demonstration of how your product works or its success story is to present a unique value proposition to your audience. Most customers appreciate value over price.

In your demonstration, explain the unique features that make your service better than the competition and how it is going to address the current challenges faced by your prospects.

·         Provide interactive content

Interactive content always triggers active involvement by your audience. As opposed to being passive in your content creation, include infographics, and videos that allow the audience to engage in calculations, polls, and assessments to gauge the quality of your service.

Within your content, you can also provide quizzes that seek to establish the commonest audience challenges when interacting with home service providers.

·         Respond to audience queries

Include a section in your website or article, where your audience can drop comments, feedback, or reviews about your service or content. Additionally, include a form where they can fill in their contact information and queries.

As soon as you receive these queries, always be prompt in your response to keep them engaged for subsequent questions. Where possible, respond on real-time.

How to attract and keep attention when engaging your audience attention?

How interested is your audience with your content? Would you like to increase the attention of your audience?

To keep your audience from losing interest in your content fast, here is what you can do:

·         Know your audience

Before attracting them, you need to know whom you are targeting. Understanding your prospects or target audience will provide you with deeper knowledge about their interests, beliefs, proclivities, as well as the problems they are likely to encounter.

Knowing your audiences automatically helps to be relevant enough as well as placing you as a problem solver. Seek to solve their issues. Understanding your target market also helps you craft better, personalized content.

·         Keep your content relevant

Prove to your audience that you know and understand them. Present content that is directly touching on their forecasted pain points. Being part of your audience’s solutions will draw their attention to you as a problem solver.

·         Keep your message brief and clear when engaging your audience

Be intentional about answering your audience’s concerns or solving their problems within the headline and introduction of your content. Most readers are impatient and have become quite good at scanning for quality content. Strive to keep the message short, informative, and entertaining.

·         Enhance your aesthetic appeal

If your website is dull looking, you risk being passed over by your audience. To capture their visual attention, enhance the appeal of your website and blogs with creative theme styles, as well as multimedia content. Creatively infuse the content in the aesthetics of the website.

·         Place a unique emphasis on your brand when engaging your audience

Most website visitors are fed up with the ordinary and mediocre styles, voices, and brand messaging. Seek to be unique while presenting your content. Illustrate the uniqueness of your brand without even saying a word. Your unique brand messaging should be able to effortlessly draw people out of their cages to consume it.

·         Proof of value addition

If your content is not adding value to your audience’s problems, then it may not be worth consuming. Are you answering their frequently asked questions? Are you providing free tutorials? Can they reliably tap into your expert knowledge? People do not waste time on things that do not add value to their lives. Make your content count!

Audience engagement is a great way to measure the health of your content marketing efforts. An Engaged audience speaks a lot to the quality of content you are producing. Remember, some of your audiences do not just read to extract information, but to draw enjoyment as well. Therefore, creating quality content should incorporate some level of entertainment and humor as well.

If you are looking to grow your audience engagement, our content marketing experts are more than willing to help. Reach out to us to learn ways of improving the value of your customer experience through quality engaging content!

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