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Video marketing essentially means employing the use of videos to promote your brand or accentuate your brand message. This technique can be used in isolation or interlinked with other online marketing platforms depending on the marketing goals of your business.

Online videos have in the last decade proven to be extremely effective marketing tools. Since the advent of YouTube over a decade ago, the concept of Video marketing has greatly revolutionized.

As more and more corporations appreciate the need to have an online video presence, more video marketing platforms continue to emerge. Each time a given concept multiplies in growth to the extent of luring more industry players, then it means the concept is doing exceedingly well.

The fact that more brands are embracing video marketing is a definite indication that as a promotional tool, it is worth an investment.

Is video marketing right for my HVAC business?

Absolutely, yes! Most of today’s content marketing efforts have largely migrated to video marketing. According to marketing experts, video marketing offers the best return on investment, owing to its ability to inform buying decisions faster, stick in a customer’s memory for long, as well its ability to drive more traffic within a considerably short time.

That points to the urgency of making the shift to this dynamic mode of marketing for your HVAC business if you still want to get that call about an installation somewhere, or just a routine maintenance. Part of the reason why your HVAC business needs to adopt Video marketing apart from offering a great ROI is:

·         More engagement

Most of your prospects would rather watch a short video clip detailing the extent of your services or the project milestones you have accomplished than peruse through blocks of endless text. It is much interesting to explain your services through a video, as the viewer can relate more personally with the elements and content in the video.

·         Credible publicity through video marketing

Showcasing your skills or the work ethic of your HVAC technicians seems much more authentic on a video than on paper. Being able to vividly demonstrate your astute capabilities is what makes Video marketing for your home services tick.

·         Brand exposure through video marketing

If you make it a habit of visually enlightening your prospects on how to spot any mechanical damages or errors with their HVAC systems or on safety measures they need to uphold to prevent accidents within their homes, they are more likely to let you do the actual work for them ultimately.

By demonstrating your expert knowledge on the subject of safety and maintenance, you in the process earn your brand some more visibility.

What companies can use video marketing?

Video marketing is rapidly penetrating the corporate sphere and crosscutting industries. This presents a flexible way for companies that specialize in products or services seldom known by the common consumer to rake in some exposure.

In most of the following companies, video marketing cannot miss in their content marketing strategies:

·         Companies in Real Estate

Adopting video tours is one of the most prominent innovations embraced by real estate agencies. This is done in a bid to stand out from the heavily flooded industry. Video tours display the different property offerings along with their unique amenities and value proposition.

·         Companies in HVAC

Most HVAC companies rely on video marketing to educate their prospects on intricate topics revolving around the industry. Documenting explainers on installations, repairs, and maintenance issues affords their prospects a deeper understanding on the range of services offered and when to contact a technician.

·         Companies in hospitality

As hospitality scales the ranks to become a top tier industry, most hotels are embracing video marketing. They rely on video explainers to highlight their major amenities and services to the global community of travelers and holiday seekers.

Most hotel bookers request some video proof to gauge the suitability of a particular offering.

·         Companies in finance

Video marketing is proving to be a trustworthy way to walk a skeptical customer through an investment journey. The investment video explainers detail the various investment options available while outlining the return process to aid an uninformed prospect understand the cycle of their money flow.

How do I market my home services?

Are you running your home service business blindly? Did you know that an elaborate marketing plan is the directional compass for your home services business?

Well, now you know. You cannot function effectively without marketing. A successful home service company should be promoting their services in the following ways, after gathering adequate knowledge of their customers’ needs:

·         Video marketing

Consistently creating and posting your promotional videos is an inexpensive and less sophisticated way of marketing your home services. High-quality videos that are directly addressing customer needs are a sure way of acquiring an audience within a short time.

·         Social media marketing

Social media is a highly interactive marketing platform to engage with your audience. It incorporates video posts, in case you have summarized all your promotional content in the video. Your prospects can review, comment, or share the video content with their contacts on social media, boosting your overall visibility in the process.

·         Website and blogs

Beyond written content, websites and blogs are a dynamic way to share your video content with your prospects. Short tutorial video clips that are uploaded consistently can trigger a massive traffic on your sites and result in real conversions born out of credible content.

·         Volunteer for interviews

Volunteering to offer expert insights on podcasts, TV shows, or online webinars exposes your skills to a wide range of audience. Within such an audience, you are bound to land some real prospects.

·         Proactive discounts

Always anticipate your clients’ needs and look for creative and friendly ways to solve them. For example, for seasonal repairs, promote your discount or service offers early enough to remind your clients of an upcoming maintenance and your willingness to provide the service at an incentivized rate.

What are video marketing services?

Video marketing services refer to the range of promotional services provided by a video marketing agency for your brand.

These services are made up of numerous components that all collaborate to produce consistent quality video content for your brand promotion. The core elements involved in Video marketing services are:

·         Video scripting

The script lays down the foundation of your video flow. It spells out a chronological order of scenes, action, and dialogue covered in your video. It is the work of your video marketing agency to document powerful scripts for your video content on the agreed upon intervals.

·         Video graphics creation

This entails creating a detailed visual motion graphic design that will be integrated with audio to form a complete video content. The graphic content may entail the video itself, some pictures, or charts to provide supplementary content.

·         Video search engine optimization

This step involves optimizing your video content to rank well on search engines for relevant keywords and phrases. This then increases the searchability of your video content on various platforms.

·         YouTube channel management

Your channel manager will be responsible for uploading, editing, or deleting your videos. They also monitor your video analytics to draw conclusions on the video’s performance and advice accordingly.

·         Social media management

Your video marketing agency will be responsible for uploading, editing, or deleting your video content on all your social media platforms. They also actively monitor the video content performance.

How to produce quality videos for your video marketing campaign

Video marketing is the talk of social media right now. If you are not investing in video marketing, then you may as well be far behind in as far as online marketing revolution is concerned.

For you to produce high-quality videos that will attract substantial prospects, adopt the following fundamentals practices:

·         Design a video marketing strategy

Without a proper strategy, your efforts are bound to fail. A clear video marketing strategy should entail your video goals, your target audience, your story, a clear timeline, as well as a well-crafted budget.

·         Use high-quality video capture and editing tools

It could be a high-end Smartphone camera, a webcam, or a digital video camera. Whatever the case, ensure it produces top-quality videos. Once shooting is done, source for a simple video editing software with diverse editing options and enhance your video appeal.

·         Understand your message during video marketing

You do not want to go off script when shooting your video. You also do not want to throw your viewers off course. Internalizing your message well before making the video will ensure you keep the content simple, relevant, and concise. Simple and clear video content tends to be more digestible by your prospects.

·         Keep your videos short

Short videos tend to have a higher consumption rate as they synchronize well with most viewers’ concentration span or patience. Short can be relative but generally, videos running for at most two minutes tend to have a higher engagement rate, as most viewers may not be very patient or attentive throughout the video.

Now that you know How to produce quality videos for your marketing campaign, it is time to step up your online marketing campaign by spicing it up with quality video content. Should you be stuck trying to navigate the concept, you can always consult a digital marketing expert for assistance in demystifying video marketing.

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