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HVAC marketing is an important tool for the success of the business. If you own a HVAC business, then you have probably wondered how much you should invest in marketing the business. Keep reading to find out what amount you should invest in marketing, and which is the most effective marketing method for your HVAC business.

HVAC marketing budget

Planning on how to invest before you actually invest will help you budget for the requirements of your business effectively. As a content marketing agency, there are some key factors that we recommend you consider before executing your HVAC marketing budget. They include:


Before you market your products, scope out the competitors in your field. How do other HVAC businesses market their products? What are the prices of similar HVAC products from other businesses? These factors will help you set competitive prices that will attract potential customers to your business.

You will also identify which marketing tactics work, and which ones do not from the performance of your competition.


Before deciding on any online marketing methods for your HVAC business, we highly recommend that you ensure your site is secure. Did you know that online businesses make lucrative targets for fraudsters and hackers who look for information of financial accounts of your customers?

As a HVAC business, it is your responsibility to prioritize the security of your website by ensuring that all the information about your clients is safe.

HVAC marketing method

As a content marketing agency, we are aware that there are numerous methods of marketing your HVAC business, such as:

  • Conversational marketing

  • Email marketing

  • Point of purchase marketing

  • Paid media adverts

  • Online/digital marketing

  • Direct selling

  • Affiliate marketing

We recommend digital marketing across all social media platforms as a marketing method because it is a sure way to reach your target audience.

How much budget is enough to market a HVAC business?

Most HVAC small businesses and contractors invest between 2 % to 5 % of their revenue in marketing the HVAC business. This sounds like a logical plan given the fact that small businesses make small revenue in the beginning anyway.

However, is this really the right way to market your HVAC business? Have you ever heard of the economic concept that states “High risk high return”? Well, if you want your small business to grow quickly, convert more leads into revenue, and attract more paying customers, then you need to start playing the big game.

In simpler words, you need to invest more than the conventional 5 % in your HVAC marketing. If you want huge results, we recommend you take the risk and invest more in the marketing methods. So, to answer the question “How much budget is enough to market a HVAC business”? We recommend that you budget for more than 5 % of the revenue of the HVAC business.

How much should I invest in marketing my HVAC business?

The best investment that will give your HVAC business a chance to take off is by investing more than 5 % of the revenue in marketing. The reason why you need to invest more than 5 % is because if you only invest 5 % or below, you will not achieve positive results from marketing.

The last thing your business needs right now is for you to question the value and credibility of marketing methods, because it may cause your business to stagnate. Step out of the maintenance marketing trap of 5 % and invest more in order to increase your market share and grow your business.

The recommended rule of thumb that we encourage you to follow is to invest at least 10 % of the revenue on marketing.

Is 5% of revenue enough for a HVAC marketing budget?

If you have asked yourself “is 5 % of revenue enough for a HVAC marketing budget?” then we are here to assure you that it is not. If you really want your business to grow and attract more customers, you must be willing to invest at least 10 % of the revenue on marketing.

The reason we say at least 10 % of revenue, is because the best amount of investment in marketing that will produce great results for your HVAC business is 20 %. Yes, you have to invest 20 % of the revenue in marketing if you desire to grow your small business into a large successful HVAC business. That is the goal of your organization, right?

The good thing with investing 20 % of revenue in marketing is that you are assured that your target audience will know about your HVAC business. With 20 % investment, you are not just waiting and wishing that your target audience will eventually come across your business. Instead, the 20 % investment allows you to actively reach out to potential customers and pop up on their social media platforms.

Would you like to learn more about marketing your HVAC business? Reach out to us today to review our marketing options and grow your business. 

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