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The following are guides, information and tips on content promotion for a home service business and the channels you can use.

 What is content promotion? 

Content promotion is the process of boosting the outreach of published content for marketing purposes. The process ensures that published content meets and even surpasses the objectives that were set for it. Do your research on the channels that your target audience exists in large numbers.

Research the demographics of your customers to figure out your target audience. Look at social media and Google analytics for their:

  • Age

  • Location

  • Devices they use to browse

  • Social media platforms they frequent

  • Kind of content they post

  • How they heard about your business

Monitor promoted content closely to weigh the effectiveness of the strategy you used. Promote various kinds of content for your home service business to ensure none is left sitting dormant.


What is promotion content?

Promotional content is one that talks about your products and services and other brand information that is useful to consumers. For your HVAC business the promotion content would include services such as:

  • Installation of ventilation, heating and AC systems.

  • Maintenance, cleaning and inspection services for AC, furnaces, boilers, ductwork

  • Replacement services for air filters, lubrication, and fuel

  • Repair services for AC, furnace and attic insulation

Promotion content gives your audience the right information about what you offer, how to find you, and when you offer it. It enables audiences who are only learning about you for the first time to get a clear picture of what getting your service would be like.

Promotion content is useful content by which people memorize your brand. It helps you to reach your target and potential customers, which would be difficult or slow to achieve if the content wasn’t promoted.

It is a better alternative to address a solution to the needs of people rather than posting products and services alongside prices. It helps you to create a human touch to marketing.


What are content promotion strategies?

These are steps taken to promote content. Use the available channels to form such a strategy, keeping in mind the audience targeted. Some strategies you can use to achieve this include:

  • Make your content easily shareable in the different channels. Create intriguing content that compel readers to share, then make their sharing experience straightforward. You can incorporate a floating bar containing the share button that the readers are able to see as they read or watch the content.

  • Optimize your images and pictures for sharing by making them appealing, high quality and engaging.

  • Do not use headlines in social media. They tend to bore audiences. Instead, gain their attention by using a statistic, or a quote from an influential person relating to what your content is about. An example of an intriguing title could be: ‘Get your modern home heating system in memory of the revolutionary Alice H. Parker’ vs ‘why get a heating system form us’ You can use a catchy line from the content.

  • Incorporate multiple mediums to make things interesting on social media. Use videos and text, use pictures, combine two.

  • Budget for paid content promotion for the search engines and social media to balance the resources you use against the value you receive.

  • Comment on other blogs but be genuine and do not hold back on sharing links to your content if that is relevant.


What are the 4 types of  content promotion?

Promotion is efforts by a company to let the public be aware of their existence, encourage them to buy products and services, and to promote trust and loyalty in their brand.


Advertising is essential in reaching numerous people. You can use various mediums such as newspapers TV, radio, billboards, posers, magazine and online platforms.

Personal selling

It is a promotional tactic based on creating personal relationships. The seller approaches customers individually in person or over email or social media. It is a great way to establish long-term partnerships with other companies and customers.

Sales promotion

This is involves discounts, prizes, incentives and loyalty programs that lead to direct purchases from targeted audiences.


It involves developing a positive image of your brand to people. You can achieve this by sharing helpful information, having press conferences and getting involved in media interviews.  You can be a sponsor to a local HVAC related event.

Use these channels for HVAC business content promotion

1.      Pay per Click Advertising

Budget for pay-per-click advertising by choosing bids that you are most comfortable to pay. You pay for the AD when a person clicks on it. To promote content using PPC, you can run the AD on different search engines and social media platforms. It improves the number of people you will reach.

You can run it through Google, Bing, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Choose the platform for content promotion

For example on Google Ads, promote content using keywords and phrases like HVAC service provider company and it will appear in search results. Google is the most popular search engine with high traffic.

Placing the AD on social media, for example, Twitter and Facebook will require you to choose the length of time the AD should run and what amount to pay for the time. They have an automatic bidding system and you can get specific with the demographics as well.

Create clear Ads

Ads should target the audience you want to consume your content. This will help you to get quality clicks and high value for your PPC investment.

An example:

Air Conditioner installation

Keep your home cool and family happy with our air conditioner installation. Get maintenance discounts for house duct cleaning when you make a purchase.


2.      Social media

Content promotion on social media is effective when people are aware of your brand. If you are not there yet, it is a great way to begin your journey towards creating brand awareness.

Create impressionable Call-To-Action statements that will compel your content consumers to check your business or website for services.

Examples for HVAC
  • Visit us today to get a 5% discount on our water heaters

  • Buy a pro Air Conditioner and get a free maintenance package for 12 months

Reply to comments, questions, and messages on social media. You can get questions whose answers are in the content that is in your website or previously posted on social media. Share those links as part of your replies. More people with similar questions will also follow the links.

Social media platforms are a great avenue to be versatile. Vary your schedule of posts such that you include links to posts from your website that are of value to people, share interesting blogs for example, about understanding how your AC works, or types of ductwork appropriate for specific homes. Maintain uniqueness.


3.      Email marketing

Email marketing is an amazing way to personalise your interaction with customers and potentials in content marketing. Make it a platform to send them tips they can use to care for their HVAC equipment. Create emails about when to tell that a HVAC equipment is faulty and many other topics.


  • Link all your email content to other content that comes up naturally in the email you send in the newsletter. Make them aware of the products and services you offer currently.

  • Invite people to sign up to your newsletters and make it compelling. Let them see the value they will gain from signing up and build your subscriber list. It can be something like, subscribe to our email newsletter to know about our offers, tips for your heating and air conditioning needs, and events we have. Further, encourage sign ups by offering give-aways for the top ten subscribers.

  • Do not make the sign up process tedious because potential subscribers will abandon the process. Alternatively, you can use tools like opt in monster that provides a pop up allowing users to subscribe to your email list.

  • Always remain consistent

  • Look into it that your email is mobile friendly because most users open emails on mobile devices.

  • Engage with your subscribers to learn what kind of content they would love to read about and meanwhile answer questions they frequently ask for example:

  1. How long does it take to replace a HVAC unit?
  2. What are useful HVAC troubleshooting tips for home owners?
  3. What are some tips for better quality indoor air?


4.      Syndication

Syndication is one way to promote content for a home service business. Promoted content obviously does better than unpromoted content. When you create your content, you have in mind the tasks you aspire it performs.

Finding third party organizations to distribute and move forwards your content is a great way to reach people outside of your current subscribers, and website visitors. Having new audiences for your content is always a great way to gain new perspectives.

It can be free or paid

You can get companies and news website owners who are willing to post your content as a guest and a courtesy. Some media sites can let you repost content with them at a fee you will agree.

A content syndication network will post your content on their sites after you agree on the fee to pay per clicks received on you content.

Types of syndicate content promotion

Co-marketing content promotion

You collaborate with another HVAC company to syndicate content. It could be website blogs promotion or research. Users access the content on a website-landing page after providing contact information. Lead generation is shared between both companies

Social syndication content promotion

When you swap content with another HVAC company, you promote content for each other on your varied platforms.

Press releases content promotion

It is a news-style article, which links back to your website. Syndication is a great boost to blinding your online presence and brand awareness.

Influencer outreach

You have to break the monotony of content marketing. Include influencer outreach to give your consumers a fresh outlook.  Influencer outreach promotes content by a mile. Approach influential personalities like known leaders of noticeable organizations and celebrities.

An influencer can use various tactics to promote your home service business: the good thing about influencer outreach for content marketing is that some influencers are willing to promote your content free of charge.

To get the most value out of it, choose an influencer with high engagement levels, one who fits with the category of content you want to promote. You can use Followerwonk to learn about this. Ensure that you do not make it all about yourself. Inform them what they are gaining by working with you.

Be strategic in reaching out to an influencer and aim at building a personal relationship. Connect their knowledge and activities to the reason you are reaching out to them. Let your tone be requesting and not commanding.

Search for questions your customers are searching for online that have low competition in search results by doing a keyword research. This coupled with a well-established influencer marketer site enables your content to get to more people.

You can also quote an influencer in your content or link back to their blog then email them later to inform them.


PR content promotion

When you are wondering how to promote your content for a home service business, PR could be your holy grail. It helps to keep up with current content marketing trends. It helps users to understand what you offer. PR allows you to create useful content for users. It enables you to send a unified message about your brand on various platforms.

PR boosts the trust levels people have in your brand. You can connect with influencers, customers and businesses using suitable content and approaches. You can plan content marketing campaigns with the PR team so that they know what strategies to apply when promoting your brand name, what words to use, and which content to share.

Which content promotion method do you think best suits your HVAC company? Give us a call today for expert content promotion packages.

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