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Revolutionizing Knowledge Management with Livepro

Livepro is a cloud based SAAS platform that all businesses should integrate into their system. It helps to connect all the departments of an organization, so that the managers, directors, and other staff can perform tasks effortlessly. As a Knowledge Management System, Livepro connects a company to its customers through the required channels.

Why choose Livepro?

Are you in need of a knowledge management system? Livepro stores and retrieves information for your company to facilitate collaboration and offers the best tools for customer support. Here are some of the benefits of integrating Livepro into your company to elevate customer experience.

Customer satisfaction

If you own a growing business that seeks to increase its customer satisfaction, then Livepro is what you need. It will improve the customer experience on the business website by decreasing the AHT to 25 percent and reducing the transfers to 35 percent.

Potential customers can therefore navigate the website easily and access technical support immediately. Knowledge management solutions cater for self-service customer care support. It involves quick access to relevant documents that answer customer inquiries when they visit your website.

Potential customers tend to leave a business website immediately when they encounter too many challenges on the site. Some will try to contact the customer service provider on the website. If website visitors fail to get timely assistance, the business loses valuable customers. Livepro helps your organization by ensuring that you are connected and available to attend to the customer’s queries at all times.

Improved engagement of staff

Livepro provides knowledge management solutions for contact center managers to improve the staff engagement in such companies. In order for a business to run successfully, there has to be ease of communication flow both upward and downward between staff and managers. This minimizes work delays and fastens solving of work related problems.

The software reduces the induction-training period by more than 50 percent. When new staff join the organization, Livepro will make it easy for them to understand how the system of the company works.

The software enables the new staff to reach out to the management if they encounter any challenges. Consequently, it enables them to adjust quickly to the new company, and lower any prolonged induction-training costs.

Insights on performance

For your organization to keep growing, you need to have access to insights on feedback of the performance of the software. Livepro provide you with accurate analytics about the number of times the knowledge management solutions system is being accessed by the staff and potential customers.

Livepro provides you with insights on how people are accessing the knowledge management solutions of the organization.

Increase in compliance

Have you been looking for a way of making your employees more compliant with the policies and regulations of the company? This Livepro cloud infrastructure is a sure way to make your staff accountable and complaint with the organization’s rules.

Management of feedback

Have you been wondering if there is a cloud based knowledge management solution that enables you to manage all the feedback you get from your customers? Well, Livepro is known as a Single Source of Truth for a reason.

The software will manage the feedback on the company’s website through email. Therefore, if a user leaves a positive feedback about the products or services of your organization on the website, Livepro will get back to them through automated emails.


The Livepro cloud infrastructure is built in a way that makes it very versatile. The software will therefore provide your business with a versatile platform that accommodates any changes or updates you make to your business.

Different companies have unique needs. A versatile Knowledge Management software like Livepro allows customer experience managers and contact center managers to tailor available resources and features to suit the needs of customers.


Livepro gives you the freedom to customize your business website using various custom assets such as HTML or CSS (built in). This will enable Livepro to evolve with the company by creating engaging and unique experiences.

You can also integrate the contact tab with several other services that will make it easy for the company to reach potential customers.


Think of Livepro as the Single Source of Truth for your organization. It will enable the employees to engage and stay connected with each other and the management in an exciting and fun way. Not only will it make the staff comply with the policies of the business, but also simplify their work because Livepro is easy to use.

Generation of reports

Livepro provides a reports platform that is useful for businesses. Livepro extracts data from the performance of the website, website content interactions, and customer feedback among other activities of the company. This report will help you keep track of the activities and performance of your company.

Ease of setup

Livepro is very easy to set up. The knowledge management system offers a platform for creating and editing multiple varieties of knowledge objects. This allows the company to present information about the products and services in different formats on the website. When potential customers visit the website, they get access to information that is applicable to them. This categorizing of information according to roles makes information very easy to find.

Many industries in the market have integrated Livepro into their system because of its user friendliness, improved customer service, and effectiveness. Some of the top industries using Livepro include:

  • Insurance
  • Consumer services
  • Government administration
  • Financial services
  • Government relations

Is your business website multilingual? If your company offers goods and services to different nations and the website has a language option for your customers, then Livepro can still be useful to your business. The languages Livepro supports include:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese
  • Indonesian



Livepro now has a whitepaper feature that will provide you with valued insights about how the KMS delivers an outstanding customer experience. Additionally, it reduces the rate of customer churn, empowers contact center staff, minimizes the costs, and improves the CX scores.

If you select Livepro knowledge management solution for your company, here are some of the benefits that you will get from the whitepaper:

  • The whitepaper will provide you with a detailed list of the components that create effective knowledge management solutions (KMS).
  • You will get access to real research and real statistics from which you accrue the benefits of a real knowledge base.
  • Whitepaper will show you the best practices for knowledge software management to increase CX scores.
  • It will demonstrate to you how the KMS can create a consistent customer and user experience as well as mobilize the contact center properly and efficiently.


Here is a brief survey of how the KMS Livepro has helped businesses improve compliance and customer satisfaction.

  • Employee engagement- KMS Livepro has improved employee engagement by 62 percent in businesses.
  • Cost- Livepro has lowered costs by 34 percent in most companies.
  • Customer satisfaction- most companies that have integrated Livepro have experienced an improvement in customer satisfaction by 74 percent.
  • Business insights- Livepro has made businesses get increased insights by 74 percent.  
  • Sales revenue- industries that use Livepro have reported an increase in sales revenue by 35 percent.

Benefits of knowledge management solutions

A study was carried out by Dr Lyndal Thorburn (February, 2005) on Knowledge Management and Innovation in Service Companies. It showed that companies rely on the help of knowledge management systems. This is because it assists them to enhance their delivery of products and services.

They easily access customer feedback allowing them to be at par with the changing times and keep up with competitors. They can tailor services to best suit customers based on the feedback.  Additionally, they get to perform routine tasks with ease for example record keeping.

Case studies record that Livepro is easy to use and boosts staff performance. Also, it reduces training time for new staff by 25%, and improves efficiency by 50% through eliminating errors.

Now that you know all about Livepro, here is a free demo that you can try out for your business before buying one. We guarantee you that your organization will experience more customer satisfaction and compliance with Livepro.

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