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Americans love to enjoy a burger because it is an all-round meal that contains basic nutrition requirements and can be eaten on the go.


Enjoy a delicious burger in one of the 31 top rated burger joints in America


Tourists and residents alike have unlimited choices for where to get a burger in America. According to CBC, the fast food industry has grown to become massive with a valuation of more than 70 billion dollars.

So, which are some of the joints that offer customers the best burgers in America?  As outlined below, we are going to check out some of the best joints in America. 

1.      Drive-In Burger place owned by Keller in Texas

Cherish a drive-in experience equal to none other at this burger joint. The burgers here are some of the tastiest you can find in Texas

Keller’s drive in joint affords its buyers a real western culture experience with so much culture packed in their nicely accessorized serving area.

2.      North Carolina’s Brooks’ Burger Shop 

Carolina residents have had this gem, known for crispy burgers that have a juicy center, for quite a long time. Surprisingly the joint still manages to pull large crowds to date.

Customers love the service in this place as it allows them to have extra toppings served in generous portions. Maybe this is their top secret, which has stood the test of time.

3.      Indiana’s Burger Fuel Joint Burgers

This revolutionary joint taps into the widening market of vegan  lovers while still catering for the meat lovers. Locals and tourists alike love this place for their exceptional burgers that always come with some healthy toppings.

Do not shy away from asking for more, once you taste America’s awesomeness in a burger served in this joint.   

4.      Chris Madrid’s burger shop in Texas

When it comes to food, the Western burger is at the forefront as one of the most revolutionary delicacies you can have

Sample the unique western delicacy in San Antonio, Texas, at Chris Madrid’s shop, and you will be amazed at how the different toppings served with the burger bring you a whole new taste worth experiencing.

5.      New Orleans’s Company Burger Joint

Residents recommend this joint as the best place to grab a quick meal while on the road. The burgers here are simple and straightforward.

Sample the thick bread and perfectly cooked meat patties with onion and veggie toppings.  If you happen to like it, you might consider carrying some extras to go.

6.      Bill’s Burgers, LA

Located in the heart of California, in Los Angeles, Bill’s Burgers features in our list due to the awesome reviews the joint gets from both locals and tourists.

The burgers here do not disappoint in terms of variety, toppings, and stuffing. The first bite leads to the next and before you know it, you are on to the third.

7.      Fred’s Meat & Bread Burgers in Atlanta

Burgers here come with lavish meat servings in between two thick sesame bread buns. The place offers a wide variety of burgers made to your liking.

Get the tasty burgers hot right out of the grill with the prep as you await customer service. Once you get a taste of the amazingly done delicacy, call some of your friends, and invite them over too.

8.      Gabby’s Burger shop in Tennessee

This is one shop anyone who loves a simple burger should try out.

Customers are also offered the option of super stuffed burgers with multiple layers of meat patties and toppings. Of course, these will cost you more. But what is the point of saving money when all you want is a burger that fills your tummy to the brim?

9.      The Cherry Cricket Burger place in Colorado

Conveniently located in the vicinity of the Cherry cricket field, this joint is the perfect place for cricket fans to grab a quick bite after watching a game.

 The interior has some of the best aesthetics you can find in a restaurant of its kind, and the menu has so much to offer apart from just burgers.   

10. Gilbert’s Street Grill in Florida

The fun in having burgers is found in having them on the go. This is exactly what Gilbert’s street grill delivers.

The grill has identified the unique needs of vegans and added mushroom fillings to their burgers. You will be amazed by the taste of the vegan burgers found here.

Meat lovers have their needs addressed as well by the wide variety of meat patties up for grabs.

11. Portland’s Bless Your Heart joint

Burger lovers in Oregon will love this place. It provides some of the best to go burgers.

The joint exclusively serves a wide variety of burgers made to the customer’s liking. The chefs here have perfected the art of customizing your food exactly how you like it. So, ensure you provide them with only the correct instructions when making an order.

12. Kentucky’s Grind Burger Kitchen

Get this joint’s to go sit and enjoy your delicacy right at the restaurant, suitably lying along Louisville Street. This place is so popular that the workers say a slow day is unheard of.  

The burgers here have crisp bacon as fillings and buyers also get to pick between meaty and veggie choices.

13. Grill Marks Grilled Burgers in South Carolina

You have to envy South Carolina residents when you get to taste the burgers at Grill Marks burger place. The burgers are sold at fair prices and the meat fillings are perfectly cooked.

Toppings come as full caramelized onion rings with the option of getting them as half or full rings.

14. HiHo Cheeseburger in California

Get your snack right in the busy Santa Monica streets in California with accompaniments of crispy fries and a soft drink of your choice. 

The thick buns and slim multilayered meat patties will have you looking forward to the next time you are near this outlet just to do it all over again.

15. The Kopp’s Frozen Custard restaurant found in Wisconsin

The fillings they put between the bread buns here will leave you craving for more every time you try one of the meaty burgers.

The Wisconsin breeze cools you down after you settle down for the first burger and are preparing to move on to the next one. Yeah, because you simply cannot just have a single one.

16. Washington’s Loretta’s North Westerner burger cafe

This is the one burger place where you go in ready to fill up on the crispy and tasty burgers, without worrying about whether you have eaten too much.

The combination of cheese, perfectly grilled buns, fillings, and toppings are simply too perfect for one burger to be enough. Do not let the curious onlookers stop you from fully enjoying the greatness served here. 

17. The Miller Burger Bar in Michigan

The many years that this burger place has been in operation, are a true testament of how the burgers here are a real representation of Michigan’s urban culture.

You get what you ask for when placing an order here. So, be sure to mention everything you like on your burger each time you set foot here. 

18. The Hubcap Grill Burgers in the heart of Texas

Years of businesses delivering top of the range burgers has seen the Hubcap Grill expand to set up shop in multiple locations within Texas.

 You get similar burgers in any of their outlets. Their burgers are famed for wide buns, thick meat patties, and as many toppings as can be fitted, without messing up the structure of the burger.   

19. Nation burger place in Ohio

Burgers in this location will have your mouth watering every time you recall biting through the perfectly sized burgers.

They serve the burgers with lots of cheddar, onion rings, and offer you optional additional sauces to go with your burger. Do not forget to take an extra to go burger for your family back home.

20. Nic’s Burger Grill in Oklahoma

Nothing speaks confidence like a burger place named after the owner. Nic will personally make the burger before serving it to you,hot and fresh out of the kitchen, in his Oklahoma restaurant.

Though there are not many fillings to choose from, the personal touch is felt with every burger you devour.

21. Arizona’s The Stand burger joint

The Stand is not your typical burger joint.

The burgers served here are exceptionally good and come with the option of upgrading plain old onion ring fillings to caramelized ones. The burger is also served with an optional serving of fries to help you fill up properly just on one meal.   

22. Pie ‘n Burger café located in Pasadena

Hunger pangs don’t distinguish between fancy meals and burgers that contain just the basics.

 The burgers in this place will fill you up enough to forget your rumbling stomach without making you think about what you should, or should not have, as fillings or toppings. Just a plain burger to chase away the hunger.

23. Sample the burger at Ray’s Hell Burger located in Virginia

The best way to get nourishment rich in energy without taking a break from your busy schedule is having a to-go burger. Ray’s hell delivers this convenience to Virginia residents and visiting tourists.

The burgers here are tidy and perfect, especially for anyone who prefers eating on the go without dripping sauces or juices.  

24. The Sketch Burger place in Pennsylvania

The Sketch Burger place gives you the freedom to decide what you want to experiment with as filings or toppings on your burger. Just remember that the space is limited to the size of the buns. 

With so much variety to pick from, get your burger exactly how you like it while enjoying the beautiful Pennsylvania scenery.

25. Small Cheval burger café set in Illinois

Only non-burger lovers would waste their time waiting for a burger that is not worth the wait. The number of people willing to wait for their burgers tells you that the burgers here are exceptional.

Small Cheval also offers wider variety of items on their menu. Undoubtedly, the quality of burgers is what draws the crowds to the joint.

26. Sample diverse cultures at Petey’s Burger place in New York

Urban dwellers can get a taste of their original home’s cultures by sampling the burgers made at this joint, located right in the heart of this massive city.

The burgers borrow from many recipes so that everyone can get a taste of home with every bite. You can also order fries on the side, which come in substantial servings

27. The White Hut burger joint located in Massachusetts

Anyone visiting Massachusetts should not leave before trying out this wonderful place.  

They look just like basic old burgers but once you take the first bite, you will only stop when you run out of burger material to bite on. Extra toppings are offered upon request, thus ensuring you properly fill up with just one snack. 

28. Tookie’s Burger restaurant in Texas

This establishment is famed for its burgers that come in a variety of sizes. So, it does not matter whether you are an avid eater or a bit reserved, you will find a burger that fits your appetite.

Sample the tantalizing treats with your favorite choice of fillings and make lasting memories that are bound to linger in your taste buds for years to come.

29. Town Topic burger place set in Kansas City

This is yet another place that has stood the test of time. The fact that it still delivers top-notch burgers to visitors and Kansas City residents speaks a lot about the resilience of the owner in serving loyal customers.

The Town Topic lives up to its name as the talk of town by offering some of the most affordable burgers sold in Kansas City.

30. Triple XXX burger café situated in Indiana

Burgers at Triple XXX are sold only to go, in a drive-in setup, and with optional beer and soft drink accompaniments. Take care not to overdo on the drinks though.

The spot makes perfect family-sized burgers, all of which have thick beef patties as fillings and toppings of your choice

31. White Manna burger joint situated in New Jersey

The large crowds of burger lovers who frequent this burger joint suggest that you are in the right place for an amazing treat. The burgers are served hot and fresh from the grills.

The burgers here come fresh and crispy. Orders are made on a wait-to-prep arrangement, which allows you to request your burger made to your preference.


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