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In order to perform better as a painting contractor, you need to create a website for your business. Many people now have smart phones that allow them to access websites and social media platforms on a daily basis. This means that majority of your future potential clients may be online and you need to use SEO for painting contractors.

How will you ensure that more people get to know about your business? Apart from having a company website, you can take advantage of social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter so that you can reach as many people as possible.

However, in order for social media platforms to push your content and make it accessible to many people, you have to come up with painting contractors seo expert tips and techniques. Content marketing services are very useful in creating SEO contents for websites.

Major search engines like Google will rank your page highly or lowly in the result pages depending on how well you apply painting contractors seo expert techniques and tips on your website as well as other social media platforms.

 SEO for painting contractors tips for success

Here are some seo tips that you can use to guarantee the success of your business in attracting new clients:

Create relatable content

Once you have set up social media platforms for your painting contracting company, create and post content on the platforms that will attract people to your page. Inform people why they need painting services.

You can also explain to people how painting is among the cheap options for interior décor. If you have access to some of your former clients, you can ask them to testify and acknowledge how they benefited from your painting services.

Displaying the work and services that you offer will also give people a better understanding of what your business deals in. By doing these things, you will make people more interested in your page and they may follow your page. This is the first step to successive branding, because when more people follow your page, you gain access to a large audience.

When search engines receive signals that your page is performing well and you are gaining more followers, they will boost your ranking in search engines, making your site appear and rank well in more result pages.

Content marketing companies can write content for your painting website that the audience can relate to, and thereby increase the number of potential clients on your website.

Encourage engagements on your page

A great painting contractors seo marketing tip is by encouraging your audience to interact with you. When you start gaining more followers who are interested in painting contracting services, keep them hooked by engaging them. When you post content, ask your audience to comment about their opinion on painting or on the content you have posted. You can also ask the target audience how painting transformed their homes or business and encourage them to share their experiences on your page.

By giving your audience a platform on your page, you encourage them to interact more with you. If people feel like you are approachable, they will want to know more about your business. This painting contractors seo marketing technique could help you gain potential clients as you interact with them.

The increased activities on your page such as comments, likes, sharing, and tagging will alert search engines that people like your content, which will in turn cause them to rank your page on top or in the first two pages of search results.

To come up with more engaging content for your website, you can consider using content marketing services packages.

Borrow SEO for painting contractors strategies from your competitors

Most business have competitors who have a great online presence, following, and success. If you know of other painting contractors whose social media performance could give your business a run for its money, then its time you borrowed some tricks from them discretely.

Go over your competitors profile and page. How different is it from yours? How do they post their content? Do they rely on video content or text content? How does your competitor interact with their audience? What seo for painting contractor methods do they use?

 If you are observant and keen enough, you may identify some of the seo for painting contractor strategies that the competitor uses. You can then tweak the tactics and custom them into strategies that will suit your business without putting you in any legal copyright problems with your competitors.

By employing the new tricks and tips that you have borrowed, you could end up attracting more followers and more interactions from your audience. This will boost your seo performance and make your page rank highly in search engine page results.

Your competitors are already working with content marketing companies. Beat them at their own game by hiring content marketing services to provide you with valuable SEO strategies for your page.

Make use of local SEO for painting contractors

Another wonderful painting contractors website seo that could be very useful to your business is use of local seo. Ensure that you have included the physical address of your painting business on your website. The exact location (street name, building name, and town) of your business is very vital information to include in all the online platforms of your business.

The name and location details of your business that are displayed on the website should be identical to the information you include on other social media platforms of your business.

Using different names and varied information on location on different sites will mix up search engines and this may result into poor seo performance. Location details are important in seo because search engines will index the location of your business.

In case a potential client searches for painting contracting services in your area, the search engine will immediately display your website at the top of the client’s search results page. The painting contractors website seo local technique may thereby prompt the client to make a physical visit to your organization to seek painting services.

Focus on SEO for painting contractors keywords

Keywords are very important for the content that you post on your website and social media pages. You can carry out a research online to identify the most common painting contractors seo keywords. Keywords research tools like Soovle, Google Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest among others will make it easy to google keywords for painting contractors.

The painting contractors seo keywords are mandatory because they are what will make your content available to potential clients. Online content marketing agencies have access to keyword tools and can help you create content around keywords that are specific to your niche.

 Clients seeking painting services tend to type unique combination of words in search engines in order to get the information they need. By making use of the keyword tools, you get access to what most clients google keywords for painting contractors.

The keyword tools will give you the frequency of monthly searches using certain words, the click through rate of the keywords, and the official ranking of the best keywords for painting contractors. With such information, you will be able to deduce the best keywords for painting contractors that will be more profitable to your business.

Ensure that the title of the content you post contains one of the high ranking painting keywords. The content of your post should also contain several keywords. If a client searches for the exact keywords in one of your posts, then your website or social media page will appear on top of their results page.

Drive traffic to your website

One great way of driving traffic to your website is by including links on your posts in other social media platforms. Since it is easy to attract many followers on social media, you can use the platform to drive more people to your page.

If you post helpful information about something like the negative effects of painting using paint that contains lead, you can conclude the post by adding a link to your website and promising your audience that they will find more information on the website.

Another way of driving traffic to your site is by asking business partners and loyal clients to add links to your page on their own social media sites or company websites. This would be a great way of building long lasting business relationships.

When your website gets more traffic, signals are sent out to search engines, which in turn interpret this as a sign that your website has great seo performance. You can also use authoritative sites and get them to add links to your website. One way of doing this is offering to write painting articles for their guest post section. In the article, include as many back links to your website as possible.

Having back links to your site from authoritative websites will boost your ranking in result pages.

Content marketing services can also help drive more traffic to your page through link building and creating engaging content for your audience.

Ensure your site is mobile friendly

Did you know that major search engines like Google rank results of websites according to how mobile friendly the sites are? Most potential clients will likely search for painting services on their phones.

Ensure that users can easily navigate through your site from different versions of phones like Android, iPhones, and Microsoft among others. If possible, make your website friendly to all other devices as well such as desktops, laptops, and tablets.

A site with no technical issues will rank highly in results pages of search engines. Also, arrange the information on your page in a manner that people using different screen sizes will have access to the same information. Doing so will boost the seo performance of your website.

Are you ready to increase the sales of your painting company, grow your audience, and convert more traffic to sales? Get in touch with our content marketing services and we will transform your business into an empire.

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