Local SEO
(search engine optimization) is a technique that helps your construction
company website content to be more visible on Google local search results. This
means that when Google users search for “construction companies or contractors
near me” if your business is in the same location it will appear at the top of
the search even when there are other construction companies around. Content
marketing services are very good in creating SEO content for companies.

How is local SEO different from non-local SEO?

For normal SEO, Google uses algorithms to rank websites that match the users search query depending on prominence, relevance, and popularity. Local SEO on the other hand uses a different pattern. It takes into account the users location and provides results that are proximity relevant even when the user does not specify the location. This means that, when a user searches for content for contractors while at work, Google automatically cues that the user needs companies within that location.

In this case, local seo gives different results for the same search on different locations. Content marketing companies are great in prioritizing local SEO for companies.

What you need to know about local SEO:

  • Very effective for small businesses operating
    within a region
  • It is heavily reliant on marketing your brand
    and products to local consumers
  • Most local users enter their searches through
    mobile phones

How you can use SEO to market your construction company effectively

1.       Localize your landing page

Use location pages or a localized about us page on your construction company website. If you have more than one location, create a unique content for each page. Ensure the content is local, Relevant, and informational. Take this chance to mention any local involvement: if you supply materials for construction of a popular project.

 Your about us page should include the

  • A map attached to the location page(s)
  • The name, physical address and  contact details(mobile number)
  • Individual description for  each product and service offered(take this chance to include free deliveries if any)
  • Testimonials and promotions
  • Extras(availability of parking)

Make use of local keywords

Your keywords should be relevant to the people near your location/local customers. You can use a keyword planner to filter keyword searches so that you have an idea of what you consumers need.

Make a list of these keywords, align them with the services you provide and include them in your websites Meta content, URL and page copy.

In your content, mention specific spots and landmarks within your region.

Optimize your website/make it mobile friendly

If you want your local SEO to be more effective, customize your website to be flexible for booth desktop users and mobile users. According to a study by the stone temple in 2018, mobile visits to websites grew from 57% in 2016 to 63% in 2017 while desktop visits declined by 5% in the same year.

This means that more people will be accessing your construction company website content from their mobile phones. For this reason, you not only need to make their browsing seamless but also enjoyable. Here are some of the ways you can achieve this:

  • Use a font that is easy to read(preferably bigger fonts)
  • Be informative while also using images and copy sparingly(mobile users have no space for filler content)
  • Your website should load for not more than 3 seconds
  • Choose an intuitive user interface(it will always result to an enjoyable user experience)

Let your construction content be based on local
news and events

Although you can
insert some international content occasionally, local content is relatable; it
speaks directly to your target audience. With local content both you and your audiences
are on the same page: your audience facing a problem you clearly understand and
your company providing a solution exactly how the audience would want it to be.

Create a
different page for each of your location and feature hyper local content for
contractors You can hire content marketing services to do this for your
business. This way you will receive a rank for each of the locations.

Some of the local construction content strategies include:

  • Videos about construction launching or projects you are undertaking
  • Writing blog posts on new construction designs and trends

Optimize voice search

Today, voice
search is becoming as popular as keying in. Your consumers want to not only get
the best answer but also get them faster. For this reason, it is important to
optimize for how consumers ask questions. Since voice searches are more
conversational, you will have to adjust your local SEO to fit the
conversational tone. Ensure you include conversational starters such as who,
what, when, why, and how.

It is important
to note that that your consumers will use a voice search when searching for
something specific, therefore be direct to the point. Here are some tips to
optimize your voice search:

  • Use conversational language for content
  • Restructure your content
  • Target long tail keyword phrases

Get high quality link signals

A content marketing agency can help you create back links that point to your site. They strengthen the credibility and quality of your content. According to a study by the mozs local search ranking factors, link signals are very important for snack pack results and local organic results.

While having strong back links will improve your local seo, poor quality links will negatively affect your credibility hence poor ranking. The best thing is to hire online content marketing services for generation of high quality links.

Here are some
tips to help you get some good quality back links:

  • Guest blog only on reputable sites that have a strong domain
  • Request local influencers via social media or email to  link back to you
  • Always create high quality content so that other bloggers will  link back to you

Optimize your Google profile

To optimize your Google profile, you need a Google business account associated with the profile. Set up the account and provide all the required information, which will appear on your business account dashboard.

You can also get this done by subscribing to content marketing services packages for your company. It will also be added to your business profile and appear in local search result, Google maps and the Google search knowledge panel.

Tips to help you optimize your Google listing:

  • Provide information that is up to date and accurate
  • Include your logo and business details in a simple but clear way
  • Encourage customer reviews
  • Respond to all customer reviews/complains sincerely

Dedicate each web page to a particular product
or service

Although it is
easy to put everything together with a single explanation, it is more effective
to dedicate a webpage to a particular product. This is because search engines
will see your brand as an authority in that area even when you offer other
services. This way you will rank higher in a local search.

When your construction companies offers only one service in various locations, create a location based page copy. For example, a page that was titled construction marketing will become New Jersey construction marketing, which is more location specific.

Encourage regular reviews from your customers

A review is a
two-way strategy that not only optimizes your Google my business presence but
also encourages more customers to buy. This is because most customers equate
online reviews to personal recommendations.

to encourage your customers to leave reviews

  • Request for a review in person
  • Include an email after the purchase requesting
    customers to rate your services/products
  • Respond to existing reviews professionally

It is important to have both favorable and the not so favorable reviews. Respond to all reviews sincerely and address any complaints raised by your customers.

SEO changes day by day. That is why your construction marketing content needs to be structured and updated frequently. This will ensure that you take advantage of the existing resources such as local SEO companies, Google my business listing and online directories.

By implementing the above local seo strategies, you will increase your search engine ranking and ensure more conversions.

For more SEO worthy content for your business, give us a call today and we will provide you with the best content marketing services that will improve the sales and performance of your business.