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How to pick a content
marketing service company you can trust

Picking the
right content marketing service company is not as simple as it sounds. If you
run a HVAC company, construction company, or plumbing company, then the kind of
content marketing service company that you choose can make or break your
business. How will you ensure that you select the best content marketing
services for your organization?

We have combined some tips that will help you select content marketing services that are favorable to you. They include:

1. How much does the content marketing service company charge?

The size of your business will determine the cost of the content marketing services you hire.

  We recommend that you work with content marketing companies that offer affordable content marketing services especially if your business is fairly new.

Most content marketing organizations charge a higher cost at the beginning of the marketing process and lower costs as time goes by. This is because they believe that as they market your content, your brand will receive more awareness and the sales will increase as your audience grows.

Ensure that you get a full consultation of prices for the content marketing services packages so that you can budget for future costs.

Pro tip: Great content marketing services packages charge lower fees in future and higher fees at the beginning. Do not settle for content marketing services packages that charge high fees throughout.

2. How soon should your company expect results?

Do not hire a content marketing service company without inquiring how soon you should expect to see the results of your investment. We recommend that you sign some form of contract with content marketing companies that details how your company should expect some growth of traffic and audience after a specified period of time.

This will help to protect your HVAC, construction, or plumbing company from hiring the services of fraudulent content marketing companies whose only aim is to charge expensive service fees without delivering their end of the bargain. Of course you cannot expect to experience dramatic traffic and audience growth overnight, but within a period of 3 to 6 months, your company should have experienced some major changes.

Pro tip: here are some important questions that you should ask a content marketing agency:

  • How much is the content marketing agency capable of improving your yearly sales?

  • How long should you wait before you see any change in your business?

  • What type of content is most favorable for your HVAC, construction, or plumbing company website?

  • Which type of traffic is most important for your website?

  • Which SEO practices does the content marketing agency use?

3.      The quality of the content marketing
service company website

Online content marketing services should have websites filled with incredible, creative, and attractive content because they have a team full of content marketing experts. The quality of the websites of the online content marketing services will show you what you can expect from the content marketing services.

 If the website of the organization does not seem appealing to you, then chances are high that you will not be pleased with their services.

Pro tip: When it comes to content marketing, we recommend that you judge a book by its cover.

4. The testimonials of the content marketing organization

Before you settle on any online content marketing services, ensure that you check out their testimonials. Are other organizations pleased with the services of the content writing service company? Does the content writing service company specialize in your HVAC, construction or plumbing industry? How many companies related to your industry has the organization worked with before?

Pro tip: If the organization does not have any prior experience with marketing the services or products related to your industry, it might not be the best marketing option for your company.

5. The reporting methods of the organization

Since the main aim of your organization right now is to market the content, you should work with a content marketing company that will give you frequent feedback on the performance of your content. You need to select a marketing company that will issue you with reports of the growth rate of your company and details about which type of content seems to be working for your organization, and which one does not.

Pro tip: This is a great way of keeping the content marketing organization accountable for the growth of your organization. Any marketing company that refuses to comply with the request to issue you with frequent reports is not a good option for your business.

6. Help them identify your target audience

Although most content marketing organizations have a lot of experience with identifying different kinds of audience, you should help them know what type of audience you want the content to address.

 Pro tip: No one knows your audience more than you.

Would you like to hire an expert content marketing service for your business? Give us a call today and we will help your organization to grow.