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The art of designing, developing and integrating SEO and website design elements is   commonly shortened to seo web design. If you are a home builder reading this, you might be wondering what web design (visual aspect and presentation) has to do with SEO (how search engines rank sites).

Well, although the two exist at the extreme ends of an equation, when integrated together, they impact your website ranking in a great way. Content marketing services can help your organization integrate both the web design and SEO strategies for your business.

A poor design that employs seo techniques will have poor rating and low bounce rates, which will lead to negative reviews and poor ranking. On the other hand, a great design that is not seo optimized will not be visible to potential customers. It would be futile to invest all your energy and resources creating an attractive home builder website design only to find that customers cannot locate it since search engines do not index it.

The best option we would recommend for businesses that do not have the proper web designing and SEO resources is to subscribe to content marketing services packages.

Occasionally, many companies rebrand or set up a new website but fail to include a 301 redirect, when this happens, even though you had a good design, all your seo progress will disappear.

Therefore it is important to balance web design elements and search engine optimization in order to make the best out of your home builder website. Let us look at how you can use various design features to improve your home builders’ website ranking.

How to use web design features to improve your home builder website seo


When users
cannot find information easily and faster on your website, search engines   interpret this as high bounce rates and
attribute it to poor design and a poor user interface. Therefore they will not
index your website or rank it higher even when your content is of high quality.


  • Keep your content consistent, orderly, and
  • Use info graphics such as arrows to direct
    customers on your website
  • Divide your categories and sub categories
  • Make all your navigation elements clickable  links
  • Ensure all your navigation titles are accurate
  • Include a working an in site search feature
  • Hire online content marketing services to help
    you set up navigation features

Site speed

Since home builder website comprises more of images and videos, it can be tempting to lump everything together including all those long videos.

Unfortunately, images and huge videos take longer to load if poorly optimized. This will affect your site ranking since search engines consider speed as an important factor when ranking a website.


  • Minimize http requests
  • Use a content distribution network
  • Enable file compression
  • Leverage browser caching
  • Improve server response time
  • Optimize images

Font and appeal

Fortunately, your font choice does not directly impact on your ranking. However, font affects influences your contents readability.

Using fonts that are either too large or too small will affect the user experience and increase bounce rates. High bounce rates will automatically lower your ranking.


  • Use eye catching and relevant call to action
  • Use appealing but moderate color combinations
  • Avoid cluttering up your site pages
  • Use bulleted lists
  • Work with a content marketing agency to create
    interesting content with catchy fonts.

Mobile responsiveness

Majority of people use mobile devices to access information. Designing a mobile responsive website is important since it makes it easier for people using smart phones or tablets.

This is important because search engines have incorporated a ranking signal which favors mobile friendly websites and penalizes the desktop based websites.


  • Avoid using flash
  • Prioritize website speed
  • Do away with text blocking site ads and pop ups
  • Make your button sizes large enough to work on
  • Use larger fonts
  • Stick to a simple but elegant design

Domain name, parallax and heading tags

A domain name is an online representation of your physical business/brand. Keep it relevant, short and if possible include a few keywords. This will make it memorable and also easy to index. Parallax design is whereby complete websites are developed within a single page. Combined with a unique background, parallax uses a menu that jumps to particular points on the web. Heading tags direct the search engine on what the website entails and gives the customers a quick look of each sub section. They are crucial since they provide a context indicator to the search engine.


  • Optimize on page seo
  • Remove bad and broken links
  • Include internal links to  improve user experience
  • Make all your H1 tags unique
  • Make sure you have a H1 on each page
  • Use accurate and descriptive words
  • Use content marketing companies to help you with
    link building and proper use of H tags and keywords.

Tips to creating an attractive home builder website SEO

Stick to codes that can be easily optimized

Home builders’ website developers have only a few options when it comes to choosing the code that can offer major design elements. Use codes such as CSS and Html since they are easy to optimize.

Although a flash site looks cool compared to html, it is more difficult to optimize and has a low chance of ranking well in search engines.

Structure your website for both mobile and desktop users

Most internet browsers are using their mobile phones to access information. Ensure you customize your website to be both desktop and mobile friendly. This will not only offer a better user experience, but it will also increase your website ranking since mobile customization is a ranking factor.

Use a readable font and moderate image quality in home builder website

This relates to fonts size, colors and the
general outlook of your website. Choose fonts that are easy to read and avoid
using too many colors which can be a distracter to the reader. Ensure there’s
enough space for the copy, which should also be well optimized and loaded with
quality content.

While uploading images, ensure they support both desktop and mobile browsing. The last thing a user would expect is an image that fills the entire mobile phone screen.

Use quality, well edited but moderate resolution images for your site, this will ensure your site response is fast. Include keyboarded captions for all images that are not classified in the gallery. All images should be clear and arranged in an orderly manner.

Content marketing services have many unique fonts and images that can help you business stand out.

Use descriptive file names

Use descriptive and logical file names. Put
in the little work needed to change the image name from numerals to text. This
will not only make them visible to search engine, but will also make it easier
for your customers to interpret them. For example, a file named
“milimaniapartment2” is easy to understand compared to “img_0054.jpg”.

Add tags to your images

Add optimized alt tags for your images. The
description in the alt tag will help search engines to interpret and determine
what is depicted. This will also help your customers to find more information
when they move over an image.

The site architecture will depend on how well
your developer and designer will integrate seo and design elements. It plays a
very vital role in your sites ability to rank.

Use descriptive URL structures in home builder website

URLS with descriptive words are easy to remember as opposed to a combination of random letters, numbers, and words. Descriptive URLS will be easily understood by the search engines hence easier to index.

Always use hyphens to divide words (not underscores) and include a few keywords in the URL.

Keep your design simple but not too basic,
this is to make it easy for your site visitors to find relevant information easily.
The ease of navigation influences both conversions and search engine ranking.

Common mistakes to avoid in your home builder website design

Designing what you want instead of what the home buyers need

Like most of us, it is easy to explain how awesome your company is or highlight what you have achieved and what your competitors’ lack. While this is not entirely a bad move, home owners care more on how you can fulfill their needs and not the number of awards you have won.

Create an emotional connection with your customers by showing them that you clearly understand their problem and you’re keen on solving it. You can only achieve this by investing time to know them.

How to find out your customer needs

  • Encourage customer reviews
  • Ask for direct feedback on what you can do
    better in both website outlook and 
    actual purchase process
  • Carry out a survey on online questionnaires
    asking your customers to describe their ideal home.
  • Use a content marketing agency to study and
    understand your audience then create relatable content for your website.

Failing to update your home builder website regularly

Do not fall victim to the belief that your website is okay and complete once it is published. In this era, vast amount of information is published each second. This means that the digital age is more competitive and you need to always be on toes if you want to be relevant.

Ensure all your blog posts, podcasts, videos and info graphics are relevant and up to date.

Why your home builder website needs to be updated regularly

  • It improves your search ranking since each
    time you implement new SEO techniques
  • Updating information means you get more  exposure in all social media and other
    digital channels
  • It increases 
    your brand value and authority
  • Maintains relevance while helping new
    potential clients to understand your quality and experience.

Using industry jargon which compromises value of home builder website

Your customer cares about informative
solution based posts, not some why we are the best marketing content. Avoid
using technical terms; your goal is to convince customers that you can offer a
home solution and not to impress them.

Characteristics of valuable home builder website content

  • Explain in simple terms difficult
    terminologies and give relatable examples
  • Cover all the aspects of the home building
    process in details
  • Include common home maintenance tips and how
    to carry them out
  • Include money smart ideas and money mistakes
    to avoid during the home building process
  • Avail resources and link high quality design
    trends or inspiration
  • Identifies and suggests solutions to common
    home building mistakes

Failing to customize your website for mobile

You might think that customized mobile pages
are more appropriate for face book and not websites. But according to research 50%
of searches are done through mobile. This s because it is a handy, anytime
anywhere device. Failing to customize your website for mobile therefore means
that you are losing more conversions and ranking lower.

In addition to this, Google ranks those
websites that have a high mobile response higher giving them more exposure.

Compromising quality over quantity

Home buying is a highly visual area whose decision is influenced by appeal and emotion. Although huge media affects speed, small but good quality media will seal the deal.

Just because you need your website to load faster does not mean quick snaps should be thrown anyhow on your website. It would be a waste of resources and time to achieve high ranking only to leave potential customers disappointed.

Invest in professional photographers who not
only have the skill, equipment and software but also have the passion to
produce results. It is also important to note that such a professional will be
faster and more efficient compared to you. He/she understands how to present,
and plan the layout of your homes in a way that evokes the necessary emotion to
move your customers.


 Although achieving a higher rank and improving your SEO ranking is a tedious task, it is worth it. This is because combining both design and SEO not only improves your ranking but also ensures customer satisfaction. This means that you will establish your brand and achieve high conversion rates.

Home builders website designers should also
note that search engine optimization on its own cannot achieve the required
results and vice versa. The two need to be integrated seamlessly.

Are you ready to improve the performance, design, and sales of your home builders company website? Give us a call today and we promise that our content marketing services will make your business give your competitors a run for their money.