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Plumbing Company Website Content Complete Guide

Plumbing company website content guide
A summary of our services

Plumbing company website content guide
A summary of our services

How do you think potential customers find your business? Possibilities are, they search for it online, or they came across a social media post. Consumers use the internet to search for services, brands, and products. That is why the plumbing company website content should market the brand well. Gone are the days when everyone relied on word of mouth.

Content is the magnet of your website. It is a crucial tool in helping achieve your marketing goals. If you are seeking to create a new website, redesign an existing one, or adjust stale content, this guide will walk you through the necessary steps.

What should I include in my plumbing company website?

Your plumbing company website content should answer the why and how of your company. This is called your value proposition.It explains what you do and how it influences your clients. Your value proposition differentiates you from your competitors. It addresses the core values and ethics that form the foundation of what you do.

How to write a unique value proposition

  • Include it in your home page
  • Make it prominent in your website
  • Put your point across within the first paragraph
  • Address your clients directly
  • Be sure to include who you are, what you do, why you do it, how you do it, when you do it and how it positively affects the society
  • Be creative and use descriptive words

What is a plumbing company website content audit? Is it necessary?

If your company has an already existing website, then this is a crucial step for you. A content audit gives you a clear picture of your current situation. It shows how much work needs to be done to reach a certain target. It acts as a starting point for new and consistent content flow.

If you are seeking to hire web content writing services for plumbing contractors, then having a specific niche is very important. During a content audit, you can check the following

  • The value of existing content
  • Existing holes and missing details that need to be filled
  • Content that needs to be refreshed or updated
  • Irrelevant junk, filler content and fluff that needs to be deleted
  • Interesting content that may not need much work

What strategy can I use to speak directly to my persona?

When writing your content, do not think much about what you want to say, rather, think about what the client wants to read. After all, you do not write for yourself. Have various audiences in mind and think about what they care about.

For example, a stay at home mom who has a kitchen garden   may care for different things compared to a commercial contractor. Remember that your content is meant to inform, educate, and provide a solution to an existing problem. When writing to your clients:

  • Do not generalize, rather address each individual
  • While writing for an entity such as the media, your business partners or prospective employees try to create a mutual connection
  • Give relatable experiences or instances where your services or products are needed
  • If applicable, use humor to inform or create awareness


Are there must have content essentials for a plumbing website?

Each piece of content in your website should be well crafted to achieve a particular goal. Make your website a place for discovery and information. Be an authority in what you do. You can include these important subsections in your website home page:

  • The careers corner- talk about your company culture and work ethic. Use this area to reach job seekers. You can also update job postings regularly

  • Current trends and common questions- address all the new industry trends and how your company has adopted some/all of them. You can use video and images.

  • Employee spotlight- introduce the employee of the week corner. Use this space to market your employees capability and to create trust in your audience

  • Thoughts and leadership- allow your team leaders to offer advice and discuss industry related ideas in this space

  • The process- use this space to post videos and images of a particular plumbing process. Offer guidance and other safety considerations if any

  • The  homepage, about us page services page, portfolio of past projects rewards and achievements page is discussed below in details

Finally, avoid cheap content writing services- hire content writers who understand the best content writing services for a plumbing their credibility and skills before hiring their services.

The components of a plumbing company website content

  1. An about us page
  2. The homepage/landing page
  3. The services offered page
  4. Reviews and  recommendations/awards and achievements
  5. Portfolio of past projects

Writing the killer about us page

Many companies treat the about us page as an afterthought or an obligation. However, this is an opportunity to build trust, to tell your story and to describe what makes you the company you are, through the plumping company website content. Unfortunately, companies that view the about us page as an obligation end up having less visitors and conversions.

Your about us page should contain strong selling points; it should focus on highlighting the best thing in your story, your brand and your partners. It should create a lasting strong impression.

According to research, customers navigate to an about us page few minutes after the landing page. They are more interested in the people behind the products or services. They are curious about your mission and core values. Are you humane? Are you personable?

What to include in your about us page

  • The story of your company – what motivated you to start the company
  • The cause that you serve or what you do
  • Your business model- how do you make your products
  • Put a face to your business- you can feature the founders and your team members
  • Incorporate links to other materials such as videos or blogs
  • Use this space to show off your business.

The 5 step story approach to writing an about us page

Anyone can write a story. However, writing an interesting about us story requires some skill. Let your story represent a starting point, a change, and an end. You can talk about your founding team your motivation or the whole process. Use these steps as a guide:

  • Set the scene before your company was started

Explain how things were in the plumbing the characters and the setting. This may include your customers or other business partners.

  • Introduce  the problem

Introduce what influenced you to act. Why did you act the way you did. Use this space to highlight your strong points

  • Rise to the existing challenge

Explain how you set out to offering a solution. This is the point to explain how your business thrived as a startup. Explain the obstacles and challenges experienced on the way

  • The solution

Talk about the stability of your business, and how it is pursuing the already established purpose. Highlight notable milestones

  • What’s next

What is the future of your company? State its mission and goals. Do not forget to add a call to action at this point


The basics of an effective plumbing company homepage

It is a general rule that your home page will be the first encounter a client will have with your company. You should therefore take great care in both the design structure and content. Doing this will enable readers to digest and take the right action as stated in your business message

The working content strategy

1. Your content planning and strategy requires team work

Content on its own cannot bring your business back to life. In order to achieve its target, content has to be accompanied by its peer disciplines. These are

  • An amazing user experience
  • A design that fits
  • Information architecture and structure
  • Search engine optimization
  • Brand building
  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Website structure and development

2. Consider your content in terms of your marketing team

The people that create and market your content should understand the company, its targets, and its mission. You should look at factors such as:

  • content substance- it includes the topic, tone and style of delivery
  • the content structure- it includes how we prioritize thoughts and ideas
  • the workflow-  it includes the available resources, the process and the tools needed to create quality content
  • management and governance-  the consistency, integrity and quality of content

3. Match your audiences’ literacy levels throughout

Use a simple and clear language. Your main aim is to communicate not to impress. However, if your audience is impressed with your simple and direct language, then good for you

4. Use the 5 ws and h of content marketing

A story is not complete if it fails to answer the question who, what, why, when, where and how.

Break it down into:

  • What is the message to deliver?
  • Who is the target audience
  • Where will the message be read or accessed(this is the location, the device and the context/situation)
  • Why is this message important to the audience?
  • When is it appropriate to create and publish this message
  • How are we going to package/present/structure this message?

4.Your voice and tone matters

The tone of your voice is very powerful. Your tone and voice should vary depending on the readers’ emotion. Ensure that you can be humorous yet bold. It is important to create a style guide that highlights your brands voice and tone .this will strengthen your image and users experience

The services pages

A visitor has mistakenly landed on your webpage, and your about us page has so far convinced them that they like what your company does. However, your sites job is not done yet. Before they decide to navigate to the contact page, the visitor checks through the service description only to find a blank page and a few scarcely arrange images. The visitor quickly exits the page and enters another search query.

The services page offers you a great opportunity to convert a visitor to a customer. How you present your services can either make or break your sales.

9 tips to consider when writing a services page

  • Create  a features vs. benefits section

A number of companies will list what they do but forget to list the impact of what they do. A benefit might be something you help your customers to avoid or achieve. Ensure that you include feelings and emotions. For example, a feature could be repairing blocked sinks while the benefit is less frustration, reduced kitchen odors, enjoyable cooking time among others.

  • Connect with the customers pain point

Identify your customers’ key pain points and create a pitch in that line. Explain how your services will help them overcome these concerns. Speak directly to them and engage them. You can do this by shifting the attention from your company to them. Use second person pronoun and inclusive words

  • Use bullet points and subheadings

This will ensure that visitors who scan the content are noticing the key concepts. Present your information in a simple and easy to consume format. You can do this by:

  • Using subheadings to separate texts – This will make it easier to read the information below the subheadings
  • Use bullet points to include key information – this will prevent your readers from getting lost in the depths of block text
  • Use white spaces to separate one paragraph from another
  • Discuss one conception each paragraph
  • Use an easy to read font

  • Avoid plumbing industry jargon

When creating the plumbing company website content, use terminologies that your customers would use in their day to g=day conversations. Keep things simple. Write in the readers’ language even when the terms do not match. Remember that search engines will index websites that containing a particular search query.

  • Be specific

Chop out the slang and fluffy marketing language. Be factual in your explanations. For example, instead of saying, we are efficient in our delivery; you could say that we deliver within 8 hours. This helps you to map out expectations

How to write a Portfolio of past projects

We all know that experience creates confidence. It defines every aspect of business. Use this page to show off your skills and to narrow down to what you do best in the plumbing company website content.

The secrets of a winning portfolio

  1. It is categorized into departments and services where each service is well represented

Example: civic projects, design projects, hospitality projects, modular projects among others

2. It is subject and location specific

Example: we have earned reputation throughout northern California for the ability to undertake large-scale and intricate construction projects such as (name a project/showcase it)

  • Highlights employee and company experience in specific areas
  • Names all company branches and notable achievements
  • Explains the process involved in each project

Reviews and awards

A positive customer review adds validation to your business. They represent customer satisfaction, hope and the longevity of your services. Adding these built in marketing tools to your website complements your customer acquisition strategy and impact on your target audience. There are four types of customer reviews:

  • Testimonials

This is a review about a company attributed to a client. It may include the client’s website or case study. Often, a testimonial appears in “quotes”

  • Badges and widgets

A review widget is an embeddable badge. The badge invites website visitors to rate your company on a review site. Most companies prefer using the Google review badge since it is recognizable. Badges do not affect the speed of your website. They however provide a social proof that your company is highly rated and popular

  • Review with attribution

This refers to embedding a URL to the clients’ actual online review. This makes it easy and possible to display high quality reviews on review companies such as Google.

  • Review stream

The review stream is an automation tool that enables you to gather all your reviews. The tool then helps in publishing a review on your website daily. This saves the time wasted while manually following up with leads or copying mails

7 ways to display business reviews on your website

  • Highlight the review in the header  of your homepage
  • List a few reviews on the about us page
  • Embed a business review  in a carousel style on your homepage
  • Use a blog post to address negative reviews
  • Add them to your menu or include one your services/products page
  • Classify your best business reviews and put them on a single page or in a gallery
  • Create a review wall where you organize all your reviews by location

Optimized blog posts

Optimizing your blog posts increases your websites visibility and authority. If you are not an expert in this field, you can always hire SEO content writing services for plumbing contractors. Remember that the value of your content translates to the number of customers and the overall reach.

5 ways to optimize your blog posts for plumbing company website content SEO

  1. use social medial to reach a larger audience base
  2. utilize keywords throughout your posts
  3. optimize your images
  4. include prominent subscription button
  5. reference and link related posts
  6. seek the best content writing services for a plumbing website

Common mistakes to avoid when optimizing your website/blog

  • starting a website or blog without a proper plan/strategy
  • publishing inconsistently
  • focusing on the quantity and length of posts rather than the quality
  • using an inconsistent brand voice and tone
  • mixing up/forgetting your target audience
  • selecting irrelevant/uninteresting topics
  • making poor/weak keyword choices
  • ignoring SEO best practices such as format and length

Trust is a crucial element in every home service business. Since you will be going into people’s homes, yards and commercial premises, you not only have to be professional but also established and capable.

Our plumbing website content writing services and ideas will help you increase your digital footprint .Reach out to us for consultation and more information

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