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Sometimes, all you need is one epic photograph and a Tolkien-sque wordsmith to move traffic to your site. Other times, however, you might need a couple of images, a video, and an even grander creative writer. In today’s world of content marketing, hiring the best travel website content writer can determine your fortunes.

Everybody knows that competition is enormous. But when it comes to content marketing in the travel industry, you just might stand a chance. Why? Because most people are looking at content with the same lenses. Few are looking at content from their perspective. The general criterion is that everyone, including luxury brands like Louis Vuitton, wants to use travel content to sell his or her products.

They want to offer the same content that airline companies, booking sites, hotels, local attractions, and many other players are offering. Eventually, it’s a mess because everyone is trying to use the same content to achieve different ends.

This means that it is hard to offer real value on your niche area. If you are a tour guide company, for instance, almost all city guides are already online. What do you do then? You must offer something to your readers.

On the other hand, your travel website is not just an online asset. It is supposed to be the reflection of the products you are offering on your websites.

People should see, feel, and experience the product through your website. Unlike other services, travel services tend to rely heavily on descriptive, illustrative, and picturesque appeals. As a result, your travel writer should know what excites the traveler’s ability to spend.

Many websites, however, are carrying the same tired stories of places, events, things, cultures, and such things. Unless you are working with anyone but a top-rated travel website writer, you should not be doing that. You should be exploring the world of travel writing at a more detailed level and perspective.

Content ideas for your travel website content writer

A local’s perspective

Almost all the content in the leading travel websites carry a tourist’s perspective on practically every subject. To stand out, you need to infuse your writing with the other side of the story.

Let the people in the native land of the Oktoberfest give you the historical, social, political, and economic significance of the festival. Do the same with any other location, event, or any other travel idea.

Once you take this route, you might be surprised, for instance, to find out that there is more to Oktoberfest than parades and beer showers. You will be astonished that locals have rich cultural, social, and historical stories that can enrich your content.

Your travel writer should be aware of the hidden perspectives. If they are not straightforward, he or she should be able to go beyond online research. Sometimes, hiring a multicultural travel writing team can fortify your travel website storytelling.

You will see more to Mardi Gras, Coachella, or even the Comic-con. You will also see more to the Statue of Liberty and such iconic destinations. A top travel website content writer cannot fall short of writing materials.

There are many players apart from the tourist and the locals. What do local businesses say? Are there activist groups talking about the destination or product? Premium Article Writers can help you uncover these and more.

Travel destinations

The world keeps changing. What was an excellent tourist destination may not be perfect any more thanks to political upheavals, natural catastrophes, global warming, and a host of other reasons.

I don’t want to give examples of the extreme cases that have made perfect travel destinations become unbearable. However, I will highlight a few that are not too drastic.

Cyprus used to be an incredible feature of spectacular meadows in spring. Today, things are a little different. The remaining fields are laden with thirsty bees looking for some pollen thanks to climate change. The rest of the well-known meadows are now eucalyptus forests.

Another example is the West Bank wall. Unless you are street art and graffiti enthusiast, there isn’t much to see. You might be lucky to stumble upon Banksy’s Near Bethlehem or another thought-inspiring collection.

Even in the globally renowned natural phenomenon such as the wildebeest migration, the Taj Mahal, Tuscany, Notre Dame, and the Amazon have their share of changes that your audience might find interesting.

For every travel destination that you include on your site, be sure to infuse it with personality, modernity, and dynamism. This will be a great way of encouraging people to visit the place. Who knows? Some of the world wonders may not be there in the future.

For instance, anyone who didn’t see the Notre Dame by 2018 stands no chance of doing so soon. He or she doesn’t stand a chance of seeing the historical relic in its grandeur. A travel website writer ought to capture the destinations as they are today.

The bucket list

Telling people how to visit a place can offer a perfect opportunity for your content marketing. You can prepare it as an ordinary list or a to-do-list. The most innovative way to do that is to make a bucket list.

  • Five things to get onto your bucket list if you are visiting Ashburn, VA.
  • Ten things to include in your bucket list for your Miami, FL summer tour

These are just examples. You can do better with lists to target things that people are likely to forget. Popular places, events, and such things are easy to remember. However, unique cultures, local delicacies, and such things can easily escape your mind.

Be careful with lists though. If you wanted to write about five items on your list yet you only have four, don’t try to be smart with it. Some people will click on your article, expecting five things. Do not give them a reason to leave disappointed. If it is their first date with you, they might never give you a second one.

If you are working with an experienced travel website content writer, however, he or she might get away with adding a cheeky item in the list depending on the overall mood that they set on the article from the start. A playful piece can get away with almost anything.

Helpful guides

Before anyone makes travel arrangements, he or she has many concerns. Sometimes, they don’t even know what to expect, carry, how to behave, and such things.

To reach out to such clients, you will need to fortify your travel website with educative and helpful guides. In this approach, you need a website travel writer who has experience in writing logical, exhaustive, and illustrative guides that your audience can rely on to make a decision.

Here are some of the guide ideas that your travel writer can try.

  • Traveling on a budget
  • Staying safe while traveling alone
  • Traveling with allergies
  • Best time to travel
  • Traveling while pregnant
  • Group travel
  • Traveling with seniors
  • Traveling without a smart gadget
  • Secure travel shopping
  • Camping safety and gear
  • Taking great memories during travels
  • Enjoying other cultures
  • Traveling with kids
  • Savoring world foods, cuisines, and bizarre dishes
  • Finding cheap flights, hotels, destinations, etc.
  • Booking guides
  • First-time travel concerns and preparations
  • And much more

User-generated content, surveys, and polls

Most people leave them as they are without checking whether they meet editorials standards. When it comes to commentary, make sure your content reflects positively on your company.

An expert travel website content writer can help with such tasks. User experiences are scattered most of the time. To make it easy for your future clients, you need to make the experiences easy to understand. To do this, you first need access to all user-generated content. After that, collate it to find the catchiest sentiments.

What people talk about is valuable because it reveals their interests, motivations, fears, and desires. Any of these travel interests can be used for your website or blog. All you need is to find a travel writer that can bring together such commentaries to make content.

What are people saying about the destination?

Is what they are saying positive or negative?

Are there any thematic issues that emerge from the commentary?

Is the data suggestive of any trend?

Is the available data enough to justify a hypothesis?

In the wake of such questions, you can generate enough ideas that you will take in your next exposition. Always note that you don’t need to own UGC. You can visit other websites for ideas. Your copy will rely on your ability to handle emerging, existing, and future aspects of the destination.

You can always do this to all other travel-related products. You can do so on hotels, transport channels, travel packages, and much more.


Information graphics are revolutionizing content marketing. If you can use them to take the potential traveler to a virtual journey, you can get tremendous results.

They attract clicks, likes, shares, and valuable backlinks for you. Your website will enjoy all this pampering, and the search engines will put the icing on the cake with good rankings.

Despite the hype about infographics, perfection is critical. Putting substandard information on a graph does not make it worthwhile. Good info, sound design, proper technique, and proper development is imperative.

Common mistakes that many a travel website content writer make

Content will always do you justice if you don’t make any copywriting errors. Unfortunately, mistakes are common, especially if you are not using premium SEO content writing services. Making mistakes is almost certain when your content coordination is not pristine.

At Premium Article Writers, we advise travel website owners to give quality assurance some attention. Here are the mistakes to avoid when writing travel website content.

Not matching blog content with the title

Imagine you are in the wilderness, lost, thirsty, and hungry. In the hopeless state, you suddenly stumble upon a signpost pointing in a certain direction saying the magic words, diner. You take the pathway hopeful that the diner is open only to find that it never existed.

It feels terrible to have a headline that does not correspond with the blog post. Do unto others what you would want to be done unto you. It is the most natural rule of humanity. Unfortunately, many find it hard to follow.

Misleading people into clicking onto something can hurt your overall reputation as a brand. Titles are not just supposed to be fishing nets. They are baits, too. If the hunting party is not ready for what comes up, you may end up catching nothing. The bait might even trap the wrong animal.

Ensure that your travel copywriter knows what you are trying to score with your new content. Do not hire a headline writer after writing the content. If you must bring the services of the travel writer or any other travel website content writer, you should do it before.

List-type articles, commonly called listicles, are guilty of this problem. Sometimes the list contains the proposed number of items, but the content is too thin to make sense to anyone.

For example, if the headline says 48 things, I don’t expect the content to have less than 2500 words. If it has 1500 words, then every list is virtually a one-sentence explanation and is thin at best.

You’d instead focus on just 5 points that you will handle exhaustively. You can update your content over time while keeping the same equity, if not better. For instance, you could handle five points today and another five tomorrow. With time, you can have a long-form article that handles all the 48 points exhaustively.

Using substandard photography

Professional level photography is not much of an option in the luxury travel market. Smartphone obsession is good. Unfortunately, the pictures taken through smartphones are not ready for publishing. You need high-resolution photography. Not just any photograph.

Customers are now taking significant interest in what is visually available. They want to zoom in or zoom out. Taking a photograph with a smartphone is convenient and cheap, but it will not achieve the same level of clarity and richness associated with professional photography.

You’d rather add just a few quality pictures instead of adding an album of substandard photography. Travelers have a particular sense of class and expectations. The millennials love instagrammable destinations. By instagrammable, I mean places where someone can brag about using selfies and social media.

This means that you will not inspire bookings with those 5MP level photos. You can have the best travel website writer but if you don’t supplement their efforts with quality visuals, you will not get great results. Did you know that ensuring website visitors stay longer on every page is an SEO strategy?

Indeed it is. Before you conclude your SEO writing services, make sure that you give your visitors a reason to stick around for longer. Quality images can keep the visitors on your site longer, thus improving your overall search engine ranking.

Not including visuals

I have already discussed in-depth about images. Other visuals you can use on your travel website include infographics, videos, stickers, and such things. The strategy here is to complement your travel writer’s work with enough visual appeals.

Although people love a good story, the story would be sweeter if it has another story inside. Pictures and other visuals tend to tell a story of their own. They also enrich the existing account that the travel website content writer is describing.

While adding visuals to your content, make sure that that they are relevant and insightful. Adding random visuals is a common mistake. Moreover, look for identifiable cues. If you are talking about destinations in Egypt, for instance, using visuals related to ancient Egypt can enrich your story.

Again, do not just do what everyone is doing. You can take a picture of other related items. For example, pyramids are synonymous to Egyptian civilization. However, hieroglyphics are also a remarkable feature that you can use. Unique dressing styles can also feature prominently.

Part of good travel website writing is extensive research of the three realms of time—past, present, and potential future. Do not just dwell on the past. A travel writer infuses his sense of imagination by examining the past and the present.

For example, is it possible to compare what the pyramids were, what they are today, and how they will probably look like in the future? You can apply the same approach to any other travel-writing topic.

Writing about yourself

It is common to tell your travel story. Unfortunately, travel websites are not personal journals. If you would want to input all your personality into a travel blog post, do it on an own blog. If you are trying to sell a specific destination or a travel-related item or service, make the other person share your travel curiosity.

You cannot do that if your travel writing is all about your travel rendezvouses. It is good to sprinkle a pinch of your personality into any copy, but you’d better not overdo it.

Find a balance between what you like and what other people might like. Surprisingly, people visit destinations for various reasons. Not everyone takes a tour to the pilgrimage for divine intervention. Someone could be a psychologist out to study group behavior or even a security analyst interested in crowd control.

The latter two examples are extremes, but they serve as a primer of how diverse people are. Your perspective should be sprinkled the way you’d do to salt.

Note that travel is not just about tourism. There are business travelers, medical travelers, migrations, and such things. Your audience can vary wildly from one to the other. Your prospective client could be a travel photographer or a medical explorer.

Going overboard with terminology

I may have to mention this on every blog that I write because people often misunderstand quality website copywriting with an excellent command of technical language. The average website content reader is comfortable with the grade-8 level of writing.

It does not matter how good you are in technical definitions and concepts that are related to your travel website’s niche. You should always write for the average reader. Insist on explaining anything that can bring confusion.

If it is a destination, it is good to add reference information. Travel website content writers ought to know what is obvious and what is not. Anything that might be new to the audience needs a description. You will commonly see people writing this type of content.

X is a national park in country Y. It is 210 km north of the capital W.

Do not assume that the person even knows that country. Sometimes you may have to say something more. For example, some tourist destinations span over countries, regions, and sometimes continents.

Explain any information that sounds technical to an average travel website user. Your travel writer should be conversant with this rule so that you don’t have to deal with thousands of questions in the comments section.

If you don’t explain, the person will have no other option but to leave your website in search of an explanation. In which case, he might not return.

It is common for travel writers to go overboard with terminologies when mentioning cuisines, historical eras and timelines, destinations, and such things.

Experienced travel writers know that you must think like the search engine to deliver good website content. Search engines such as Google look for the most helpful answer to any search query.

Your goal as a writer, therefore, is to put the answer across in the simplest way possible for the search engines to capture it. Google snippets capture definitions, explanations, and straightforward writing.

Forcing a sale

The period between the first search and the date of travel is about 40 days. Your task as a content strategist for a travel website is to identify the questions that the person will want to be answered within this period.

During the preliminary period, the person will ask questions such as where can I go this holiday? At this stage, you are looking for travel inspiration and not selling per se.

Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook content will be good for this stage. At least 60% of the people will use these channels for inspiration. It is still worth talking about deals at this stage, but experts’ advice that you can sound them out.

As you move closer to the decision, the person will start comparing available options. At this stage, focus more on providing value for money. Almost every traveler will look for a deal that offers the greatest value for the least amount of money.

They will want to visit review sites and comparison websites. Ensuring that review sites capture your best value proposition is imperative. If they missed something in their review, you could write to them to clear the matter.

Finally, they will now come home to check the offer you sounded out. Good website copies tend to guide the client throughout the buying period. Unfortunately, only a suave content strategist and a top travel website content writer will help you achieve this.

Using linear and chronological storytelling

Allow me to begin by saying that writing is both a skill and a talent. You can learn, perfect, and position it for success. The last part, where I say ‘positioned for success’ means that you can have excellent writing skills and a matching talent yet fail to succeed in writing.

For example, where do you begin your storytelling?

Usually, you start at the beginning. If everyone is doing that, what will separate you from others? Nothing! To branch out, be inventive about how you write. After writing many pieces in content, in almost every niche out there, I have learned a thing or two. One thing is that ordinary does not cut it.

An average reader is looking for an adrenaline rush. You will not achieve that by starting your historical journey on where it all began. You may have seen it being used in movies to good effect. Bring us to the thick of the situation and then take us back.

We want to be there already so that you can now drive us to wherever destination you want. Taking detours and digressions in doses can also make travel website content writing very engaging. Good writing tends to be formulaic. How you deviate from the norm keeps the mood exciting.

My formula for travel website content writing is more or less like a prescription. Begin at the anticlimax, take us back and forth, take several detours, come back to the climax, go back and forth again, infuse some personality, and then finish. Other travel website content writers might have a different approach.

Which travel website content is ranking well?

Different content will perform differently. Humans are unique in terms of behavior. However, there are many interactions. For instance, almost every person will show interest in visually appealing content. However, not everyone will. Here are the content types that travel writers are currently using to rank well.

Visually appealing content

Anything that catches the eye will touch the persons’ wallet in some way. Cluttering visual cues, however, can do the opposite. In a classical case, when everything is a priority, nothing is a priority anymore; highlight only the most relevant information.

You don’t have to use calligraphic writings all over your copy to make it look good. If you want a person to click onto something, make it hard to ignore. Use shouting colors where possible. However, never overdo them.

A visually appealing content will have an attractive website design, correct use of white spaces and short paragraphs, several relevant images, an infographic or a video, and a nice-looking CTA.

Long-form blogs

The average size of a travel webpage that ranks on the first page of Google is about 1200 words. The sweet spot nowadays is between 1000 and 1500. After all, you don’t want to force your copy to fit inside a preferred word count. You want to be as helpful as you can, word count aside.

Other travel website content writers recommended longer articles. Travelers are diverse. Sometimes, you want to interest travelers from different demographics.

For instance, you want to let the older people know how they can benefit from using a service or product. In the same breath, you also want to tell millennials that there is plenty for them to see and do. You also want to interest other buyer personas. In a long post, you can tell every group how to benefit from your service.

A good copywriter can segment the content to capture every group’s interests adequately. For the 1000-1500 word range, you will need to handle only one aspect of the destination or product. The good thing is that you will have it adequately.

For the extra 1000 words, you can add a few related questions that customers might have. Can I go with my family? Is it an excellent romantic outing or it is just a hiking ground? You can even add a travel itinerary!

Research-backed travel website content

A travelers mind is curious. Most of them want to discover not just to go see. Top-rated writers don’t just brag about fantastic services in starred hotels; they also help the reader discover.

There is this exotic place that I am sure you have not been to. There is this culture that you’d love to experience at least once in your life. Travel writing must leave you with that feeling every time they tell you about a place or product.

A good travel writer will find that one thing about something that you want to try, that you want to experience; that you want to discover too. To achieve that, you need thorough research. Unless you don’t want a rich copy, you will want the services of a travel website content writer who understands the power of research.

Back up your writing with qualitative research. Whet the readers’ appetite with the possibility of them discovering something. They will love you for it.

Value-based content

This one needs no explanation. To do it well, ask these questions.

  • What do I want to write about on my website?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • Is there anyone else who has written about the subject?
  • If no one has written about it, how do I go about it?
  • If others have written about it, what is missing?

In typical writing, you will always find someone who has written about it. In this case, always purpose to give the existing content a fresh taste. Also, go the extra mile in your research. Dig deeper into the topic to discover other things that the original writer missed.

If possible, offer a different perspective. Challenge the thinking of the other writer and with good reasons for doing so. Enrich the debate. Don’t just tell us the same thing all over again.

User-generated content

Reviews, questions, complaints, and such things can help improve your travel website copywriting. After all, your user is the most valuable source of information. And you can’t ignore the value of a great review since at least 80 percent of consumers now rely on reviews to make a decision.

What about curating user experiences to help others make a decision? It is a great way of motivating decision-making. The first thing is to encourage feedback and engagement from customers. Create a footprint in all the industry-leading feedback forums.

Allowing your TripAdvisor profile to stay without a star rating can be dangerous. The first customer to comment there should at least leave a five star. From there, the star rating will guide other reviewers.

After that, curate what the people say about the destination or product you are selling. What did they like most? Are there aspects that they think can improve? What did they discover? Such thematic issues can help you create an enjoyable experience. It can also enhance your product description.

Never forget that getting good online reviews is 100% customer service and experience. It has nothing to do with your travel website content writer. However, if the service revolves around great storytelling, you’d better have the best because he or she will determine how good you look.

Luxury travel writing

Before writing in-depth about luxury travel writing, it is imperative to know that any writing relies exclusively on the value proposition. For instance, a general website that caters to all classes of people will cost billions to market effectively.

People are inherently different. In that case, you may want to focus on one area at a time if you’re going to achieve meaningful results with content marketing.

SEO writing services for luxury travel are different from those of a typical travel website. This is because the customer is looking for exclusiveness and class. Capturing that feeling requires attention to the value proposition.

Price is not the only determinant of exclusiveness and class. Many people tend to focus too much on the cost function. Luxury travel websites must display quality. It is not just the luxury travel writer; the luxury website designer must also come up with a genuinely majestic appeal.

The content must also go beyond the ordinary. It must reach out to the innermost desires of self-actualization and civilization. You want to awaken the passions of art, enlightenment, and such high appeals.

Heritage supersedes satisfaction. For example, a destination will have a higher significance to a luxury traveler if you mention prominent personalities who were born there. The same case applies to other travel products.

At this level, the budget is elastic. The higher it gets, the better for the discerning clients. In that case, your travel website content writer ought to focus on the enjoyment of the great heritage and not on any other aspect of the attraction.

What makes a great travel website content writer?

As noted, saying content development is difficult in the travel industry is stating the obvious. Almost every sector is grappling with the competitive nature of website content. Any SEO writing service carries a significant budgetary burden.

However, money is not a problem with travel writing. Matching the ideas with the right travel website content writer is proving to be the key ingredient of winning.

At the core of the travel content writer, there must be certain qualities.

  • Eye for detail
  • Desire to entertain, inform, and excite
  • Passion for descriptive language
  • Language command
  • Mastery of storytelling methods or a natural knack for it
  • Some fair share of experimentation
  • Ability to smell a good title…haha

How to write travel content that converts

Generate ideas

At the beginning of this article, we talked about some of the ideas that you can brainstorm. Here, you need to think about the effectiveness and appropriateness of a specific content type.

Remember, your travel content needs a channel to reach your audience. Match the most effective channels with your ideas. After all, your travel website content writer will rely on the ideas and the promotion strategy to design your piece.

In case you are not familiar with this process, you may consider hiring a professional travel-writing agency. You can put your ideas into a video, blog, infographic, pictures, etc. You can use all of them. However, not all of them will suit your content design.

You ought to decide the content design to ensure that whatever information you had in mind is not lost in the translation. For example, stats and data can fit into infographics, but they will not be very effective in other formats such as video where illustrations would work better.

Match the ideas with your SEO writing service needs

Bringing wonderful ideas that do not support your travel website SEO needs is counterproductive. It will consume your resources without bringing in results.

In that case, match your ideas effectively. If you fancy list-type blogs as your idea, pair it with your content goals. Ensure that your keyword strategy reflects the content goals. Travel writers often have to work keywords backward because the client did not decide the keywords that support optimization efforts.

Bring the right travel-writing technicians

Do you need the service of an elite travel writer or a travel agency? Do you need a freelance travel website content writer instead? Whatever you choose, ensure that the person or firm knows what you are trying to achieve with your content.

The trick here is to find the matching professional proficiency. If you want an elite writer, you’d better match the cost involved in travel and related expenses. And the same applies for when you choose an agency. This is because a travel website writing agency will need all the required information such as great photography and more.

If you need content for a luxury travel website, you’d better hire proficiency in that department. You don’t want just any travel website content writer. The specific skills required to do the content will come in handy for your more nuanced audience.

Assemble the requisite resources

Travel websites require extensive resource mobilization. For instance, if you need content for a travel website that focuses on attractions and destinations in Virginia, a few images that identify your content will be a good start.

In this case, you may need a professional photographer. Stock photos can provide an alternative and cheaper option. However, most of them are licensed to multiple players within your industry.

If you want a truly unique perspective and feeling, assemble all the resources in the right way. If you need pictures, find your angle and perspective. Take the photos with your audience in mind. Other resources include a travel website content writer, strategists, designers, and SEO experts.

Your content will need the services of these other resources if it is to achieve its goal. If you deny your travel writer an opportunity to brainstorm several designs, you might not get the optimal one.


Your travel website content writer will be at the forefront of this part of the process. However, your input is also essential. Remember, you are the one who knows the buyer persona. You also know the buyer journey for your clients.

Help your writing team find the right balance. Information about strategy and design may not mean much to your writing team if you don’t bring them into the loop.

Once your research goes beyond online platforms, be part of the process to get the best out of the process. Always include information about other attractions that might interest your clients because it can enhance your industry networking.

Engage partners and strike agreements with other industry players to fortify cross-promotions.

Write your travel content

When you get down to writing your content, put the following factors in consideration to better the industry benchmark.

The word count

Always achieve optimal word count for your travel website content. At Premium Article Writers, we encourage our clients to write 1500 words. Why? An in-depth article can handle every aspect of the product adequately.

You don’t want to stuff your copy with poorly expounded points. A natural flow of content will do better for human readership. If those are not enough reasons, top-ranking travel websites have almost 60% more words than the rest of the chasing pack.

About 2500 words seem to be the magical number for those who want to rank on page one.

Content relevance

Writing long travel content is counterproductive if it is not relevant. The industry benchmark is to give related concepts an in-depth approach. Search engines rank relevance high on their scorecard. Your travel website content writer cannot just fill in the word count; he or she must choose the words carefully.

Stick to the original article headline. If you have proffered to write ten things to carry on your next hike to the Himalayas, you’d better stick to the said list. Handle all the aspects of the topic. At Premium Article Writers, we take content relevance more seriously than the keyword density.

Number of images

The optimal number of images for travel web content is 6-8 for a long-form blog post. Providers of SEO writing services will know how to integrate the photos, including adding descriptions and load-speed optimization.

People are patient with travel websites’ load speeds. Ensure that all the images are of high quality to make the zooming experience rewarding.

Number of links

Do you know that internal links enhance search engine crawling and indexing? Did you also know that backlinks could improve your overall website domain authority? Now you know.

Adding enough internal links to your copy can keep your reader longer into your website. It can also improve the overall web-user experience. Travel website content writers should look for those internal links that can improve the current copy.

A friend once worked with an agency that was afraid that she might poach their clients. So, they never sent her the client’s website name. They never told her the articles were from the same clients. As a result, she wrote the articles freely and outsourced some without paying much attention to voice consistency. In the end, it was impossible to keep a consistent voice or even help with link building efforts.

The client eventually dropped the agency, citing difficulties with achieving a coherent content voice. When you order content from a job board or a pool of writers where anyone can pick the order, don’t expect coherence in your brand voice.

Work with a team that knows the importance of a one-on-one travel website writing service experience. This way, you will have content that is a back-linking magnet.

Offering branded content such as infographics on your content can increase your potential for backlinks. The good thing about infographics is that you can use simple online tools such as this to create simple yet visually appealing stuff.

A healthy dose of bullet lists

Unlike any other content, adding a bullet list on your descriptions for products can enhance your overall ranking. Not just any bullets though. Well-crafted bullet lists will offer summarized, read-worthy, and easy-to-read content.

A five-point bullet list is popular. However, don’t force your content to fit into this popular formula. Your lists should all offer value to your reader.

The final copy of your travel website content

Has a storyline

Everyone can have a storyline. This copy should be richly nourished from the stated quest to the end of the adventure. Its content should take the audience to discoverable places. It should not take us down the beaten path. Instead, it should take us to new and exciting places.

Achieves its purpose

How do you know it has achieved its purpose? Measure it against your set goals and standards. If you purposed to enlighten people about the dangers of traveling without notifying their loved ones of their destinations, measure your output against this goal.

Your travel website content writer ought to ensure that the final copy achieves its intended purpose. As such, setting the goal at the end of the writing process won’t help.

Draws the reader closer to the story

The show and tell attitude should prevail throughout the content. Beyond illustrations, the author should infuse dialogue, experience, and some sense of vivid language.

Evidence that the author picked the first paragraph deliberately should never be in doubt. Essentially, the travel writer should give it some thought before they settle on it. If possible, they should test it among teammates and friends.

Grips the reader’s attention and doesn’t let go

The trick to successful travel storytelling is to know when to get into detail and when to move the story along. When there is nothing special really to show, the travel writer has the liberty to tell it through. He or she ought to move on to the next juicy part. You can do this by knowing where to leave the signposts.

Travel content writers must understand that the reader will want some directions. Allowing your reader to wonder in the jungle alone is not cool. After all, they might decide that the wait is not worth it. Let them know what they are waiting for to make them linger a while longer.

For all your travel website content writing needs, don’t hesitate to talk to us here.

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